resale value on gucci's

  1. hi, i'm new to the gucci forum but not to tPF -- always over in the LV forum. i have one gucci -- purchased it last year. i had admit, i never use it. very rarely. i do still like the design but i need to only keep bags in my closest that i'm going to use. i was just on eBay to see about selling my white gucci pelham, and was shocked to see that the resale value on these bags is like, nothing compared to what i paid for it! I paid like $1300 for this bag and they're on eBay going for like $500 and less??? how many of them are actually authentic, and why are they going for almost nothing??
  2. Yes, unfortunately, the resale value on Gucci is not as good as LV or Chanel.
  3. :crybaby: that is not good. is there anywhere i can go or sure where i may be able to get more for it, like an online consignment shop or something?? i'd HATE to let this bag go for anything less than $700, it's BRAND NEW!
  4. Try and sell it there anyway. I'm sure someone will pick up on it since it's authentic and rarely used. Heck, if people are buying fakes for more than that over there, then I'm sure someone will buy your bag. It takes time. ;)
  5. I would give eBay a try, as the consignment stores usually take a large percentage. It is always helpful to take lots of pictures to show authenticity, so that potential bidders can see it is authentic, as there are so many fakes.
  6. would you say there are a lot of fake pelhams up there? i'm not a big gucci buff so i don't know much about authenticity when it comes to these bags, but i can spot a fake vuitton a mile away.
  7. Most of the ones selling for low prices are fake. This is a fairly popular style, so I think you can get at least $700 with good pictures showing authenticity.
  8. Oops..posted the same time you did! Yes, the majority of the pelhams on ebay are fake.
  9. ^^^ good, thank you. i'd like to get at least $700 for it, otherwise it's a no go and it's more worth it to have the bag on my arm.
  10. You're welcome. Good luck!
  11. I guess I had good luck when I sold my Gucci Large Horsebit Hobo a year ago. I paid 880 euros for it, and sold it for 805 euros! I haven't been so lucky with my Vuittons, though.
  12. Oh no, this is not what I wanted to hear. I have a white treasure bag that I was considering ebaying. Oh well :sad:.
  13. I had terrible luck trying to sell my Gucci.
    It was an Abbey Tote w/ cargo pockets, less than a month old. I took quite a hit on it :dry:
  14. yeah it's no fun. and part of me is like, ugh, i still love the bag but i just don't use it. hence, it should go, right?
  15. I think so:yes:

    I decided I'd rather have most of my money back than have a bag just sititng not doing a thing for me in my closet.
    Expensive and vauable lesson.