resale value of Valentino

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm having a kind of quandary regarding my new handbag obsession...

    The way it used to be when I was a Balenciaga junkie, was that you can buy a EUC bal for anywhere between $995-$1300 on eBay or bonanza, if it was more then it was an insanely coveted collectors piece, but the beauty of balenciaga was that the bags held their resale value.

    Is that the case with valentino and I'm just having really bad luck over here, or do these lovely bags not re-sell well?

    what have been your experiences so far.....
  2. u probably already know my answer....unfortunately, Valentino bags do not hold their value like LV, Chanel and some others. I think this is because you can get a brand new Valentino via Saks, BG, NM, or Nordies marked down anywhere between 40% to 75% off of retail. There are also several Valentino outlets that have a huge inventory of bags at 40% off.
    Because of this I will NEVER pay full price for a Valentino bag!
  3. just an example...I recently sold a gorgeous purple couture bag which retailed close to 2K for 359.00. It was in great condition...
  4. Hey girl,

    I do know ur reply. Smart girl ;)
    It's a lesson I'm slowly learning. Problem is I
    Love the older styles. Do the sellers have
    You over a barrel on price.
  5. Let some of the other ladies chime in... Don't want to be biased....
    Label lover is queen at getting amazing deals on eBay... She also flips them priced to sell...
  6. I don't know really as I haven't been interested in other brands except Miu Miu. I think in general after a few years any designer duds lose value regardless of brand. There are so many online resellers. Your best bet is to price it to sell as in less than 50% retail or lower if well used.

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  7. As it was said before resale value for Valentino is not like for Chanel, LV, Balenciaga, Celine. But, I do not buy bags to re-sell them. So, it does not bother me much. I like to keep my bags. But, it does give me more buying power on eBay. I can have more bags that I like for much less.
  8. It does give you more buying power for sure. It just seems that the Valentino bags are more used. So I'm thinking either people who love Valentino use them everyday and hence, the wear and low(er) resale value or they don't hold their value due to the sale markdowns??
  9. Well I use mine a lot ;) but the quality is excellent. I see a lot of LV, Chanel, Gucci bags around that look pretty scuffed and old to me as well.

    I agree with Marina: I buy bags I love which means mostly Valentino for me!

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    Again, I do not think it is a problem particular with Valentino. It is how with most used designer bags. I use Valentino as every day bag. I am type of person who think every day is a holiday. I like to dress up every day, even go to the gym (no make up, but a great bag).
    So far what I see by modeling pictures most of Valentino girls like to play dress up.
  11. And talking about sales marks up look at Chanel!!!!! I refused to buy a new Chanel in past 2 years.
  12. I agree with the ladies here: The resale value for Valentino is not as high as for Chanel or Louis Vuitton, but the quality is great and every style is unique.

    I don't buy bags thinking about selling them later, actually I have never sold a bag (yet), so to me it's not a problem. I dress up every single day, so an amazing bag is a must.