Resale value of a Gucci soho bag I have my eyes on...

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  1. Hi,
    I am interested in this Gucci bag. Actually I posted a few days ago in another thread asking about opinions without mentioning the resale value issue. I would like to see what you guys think of the resale value of the soho bags in general and this one in particular. Sorry moderators the original thread was slowing down, and I thought I might not get any responses regarding the resale from members who already answered.
    Anyway, I did some research and many say the resale of gucci is not good. But from the articles online that I read they say that Gucci is one of the brands worth "investing" in. Other articles mention the disco (not the one here) as a new "desirable" classic worth "investing" in. I bought my luxury bags to use and enjoy, but I would like to buy something that I can sell one day If I need to. Any ideas?

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  2. Good question. It all depends on what you think is an acceptable decrease in value from new / full price.

    In general, Hermes and Chanel hold their value with people able to get most of their purchase price back on sought after items (less any selling commissions) when they sell if the bag is kept in great condition. On the other hand, some brands like Versache plummet in value the minute you buy it.

    Gucci is in between. I bought my 3 Soho's during the 50% off sale last year. I have sold one (mini oval was just too small for me) and got 10% more than I paid after Tradesy commissions. So for me that was great. I would have been totally bummed if I had paid full price and taken a 40% hit in a year. However, someone else may have been fine with that difference.

    I think you made the best statements in your question when you said you buy your bags to enjoy and knowingly put "investment" in quotes. I absolutely love my Sohos and plan to get two more Gucci bags this year (Dionysus). Gucci quality is amazing and the styles are TDF! I do think the bag you are picking has some staying power. If you feel you can happily use and wear it for several years, go for it. Your "cost per wear" will be reasonable if you eventually sell.
  3. Great info thanks!
  4. Great advice :tup:

    Like all brands Chanel and Hermes included, there are bags that do better than others.

    Very few Guccis sell for more than the original full retail price (which is what's needed to recover the majority of initial outlay considering fees etc) and those do not reveal themselves until years later.

    This is a classic looking bag in a popular colour and range so , this specific Gucci should fare better than most.
  5. Thank you! Informative as well!