Resale value of a D & B IT Bucket Bag

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  1. Hi all!
    I have a Dooney and Burke IT Bucket Bag in Bubblegum Pink. I purchased it in May of 2004 (at the height of their popularity) from Macy's and used it for only that summer. I'm considering selling it (either on ebay or consignment shop) since it has sat untouched in my closet for nearly three years.
    Is there a market still for these bags? It is so unused that the leather is still very light, no obvious wear and tear, the warrenty card is still in the pocket! I can post pictures of it if that will help.
    Any ballpark figures on what I could expect to sell this bag for?

  2. I'd check ebay and see what they are going for.
  3. Not sure...IT items still sell well, especially since some colors/items are now discontinued.
  4. first thought was to check it out on ebay. a lot of people check ebay out first to get a ballpark range. good luck!
  5. if you go on ebay under advanced search you can check completed items only, look for that bag and you will see what they have been selling for in the last 30 days.. that is the best bet!!
  6. Thanks for the ideas! :smile: