resale prices

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  1. I notice that there are a LOT of bags on eBay that go unsold. I notice that the reputable sellers selling in the $5,000-$7,000 range generally sell their bags right away. From being on this forum I now know that anything too good to be true probably is, so thanks for that advice girls. Some of those fakes are very, very good.

    However, many of those bags are going for way more than retail and they don't seem to move. Are these people serious about selling those bags? I am just trying to figure this whole thing out. I would really like a birkin and am saving for one but no way am I going to pay way above the retail price and it doesn't seem like other peopel do either.

    Any thoughts.
  2. The bag in the link above is new. Some shops sell new bags at a premium. I think alot of people are willing to pay the price to get a bag in the color, leather and size they want without having to wait. I have not personally bought a bag anywhere but an actual H boutique but I am also not patient so I just go in the H store very open minded with color and leather. Some people know what they want and do not want to wait. Other people are not lucky enough to have a H boutique anywhere near where they live so paying a premium on a handbag that they could not other wise purchase is a small price to pay.
  3. i am one of those people who paid a mark-up so the bags do get sold, i assure you. to me it was worth the extra $2,000- $2,500 to get exactly what i wanted without the wait and without the hassle. it has its ups and downs. i mentioned the ups. the down side is you aren't getting your bag directly from Hermes so it never feels as special, even though you are carrying something genuine. it wasnt until i got my initials stamped on it that i felt connected to Hermes with this bag.
    another down is that with that extra $2,000- $2,500 i could've purchased several Hermes items that i'd be enjoying today. that is 2 Collier De Chien cuffs plus something extra right there. so those are the two sides to the story. if you want it fast and something specific- you pay the extra. some resellers markups are more reasonable than others. i notice some resellers selling for $5,000 above retail, which is a bit insane, but again, if i was dying for a hard to find bag and they had it, i'd consider the price.
  4. The big resellers often sell these bags off eBay, but eBay is cheap advertising. The whole world can see the bag for the no more than the eBay listing fee.