Resale market really exists for Hermes Birkin?

May 13, 2009
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I read a lot of posts here and personally adore the Birkin bag too but I've always wonder if there really is a resale market for these bags (authentic ones) and whether one can profit from their bag ??

Despite all the marketing hype from Hermes about a wait-list, there are lots of Hermes boutiques now that have the bag instock but they just keep in the backroom unless you purchase something and ask for it casually. A search on the web yields tens of thousands of authentic resale for almost $30K for a crocodile version. If it is in such demand and scarcity, why are there so many for sale online??

For those that can afford $30K, they would be in the elite list from Hermes and don't have to wait for 6 months. I think some of these resales on the web are fake ones even though they use authentic materials. Buying a real crocodile bag from Singapore that looks like a Birkin only cost US$2000 at the max. so I won't be surprised that the China guys are using real materials for a fake bag.

I personally think that one should purchase the bag for their own enjoyment but if it is for speculative reason, it would not be worth the risk. Probably those that did that a few years ago (like that guy that wrote the book) could profit on resale before the economic recession. Don't buy the Hermes hype of higher Q1 sales. You know how people can cook their books to keep the faith. Jost look at Enron !!!

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Dec 20, 2008
I don't think much besides jewelry and untouched collectibles ( i.e. porcelain figurines, action figures still in the box..) have much of a resale value after they've been purchased.

It's kinda like what happens with cars.. it loses something like 1/2 it's value once you drive it off the lot.

I don't look at my bags for the resale value unless I get one specifically to resell.


May 23, 2009
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It's true that there are a lot of variables concerning H Berkins. Even I know that and I'm an H beginer. Common or unpopular colours/leathers/sizes will not sell for a large mark-up. New ones must be pristine and have the box, dust bag etc and vintage bags must have exactly the 'right' patina.

I would rather buy a bag because I love it and want to use it rather than gamble on re-sale.

Jewellery is not great at resale unless you buy it as a bagain in the first place and you have to know exactly what you're doing

Is this an Hermes thread or a general bag question?