ReRe's Handbag Collection

  1. I am an absolute handbag addict and am so happy to find a place to share this addiction with others who feel the same way. My collection includes mostly Chloe, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Burberry and Dior. Hope you enjoy the pictures.:love:
    chloefamily.jpg jimmychoogroup2.JPG burberry family.JPG marc jacobs venetia bags.JPG marc jacobs selma elise.jpg
  2. Here is the last group of shots, the Dior family, the Vintage Flowers Satchel and Tote, the Dior Detective in red, and the signature tote in navy and red.

    I'd love to know what you think---which group do you like the best?

    Still to post are my newest, a Paddy Red Rouge and a Balenciaga Denim City
    dior family.jpg
  3. One last tiny burberry to add.
    burberry mini shoulder.jpg
  4. I love the diors!
  5. Wonderful collection! Love Marc Jacobs...
  6. Great collection- love the burberry's
  7. Your Burberrys and Venetias are my faves! Love them! The blue venetia is so yummy
  8. [​IMG]

    I love those two MJ blake. Very nice collection!!!
  9. very nice :flowers:

    I love the JIMMY CHOOS
  10. i love your marc jacob bags!
  11. I love that Dior Detective!!
  12. love the burberry collection!
  13. Great collection! Love that dior detective and those jimmy choos!
  14. Love you collection, especially your Jimmy :choochoo: :choochoo: Choos.
    But can I have your kitty come visit my Kitties:tender:
  15. Thanks everyone, its so nice to have you girls to share my obsession with. I just bought my first Balenciaga bag from eBay from a great PFer, a denim city bag. I am so thrilled with the condition for a 2005, it looks brand new and some great people on this forum authenticated it before purchase. I may soon have another grouping to post pictures of.