1. I just went to see the rerelease of Dirty Dancing in the theaters that was only released for 2 days 5/1 and 5/2

    and it was the most fun i have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:

    first off diirty dancing is one of me and my best friend Zoe's Favorite movies!! We know it forwards and backwards almost all the lines ALL the songs and some of the dancing haha :smile:

    So we were psyched when we heard about this and quickly ordered tickets online! :smile:

    We got there are it was packed and it was SO FUN we sang every song loud and outloud, recited lines , everything
    and most everyone else in the theater were doing the same

    were were all clapping at our favorite parts and standing up and UGH it was amazing haha!! :smile: it was like interacting with the movie and everyone there was so into it!!!

    its so fun to go see a movie when everyone there has seen it and has so much fun with it

    the one other time i had this experience was when they re released scarface in the theaters it was super active with people screaming when Tony Montana was shooting and, that was a blast too!!

    BUT back to dirty dancing i cant tell you how great it was to hear 50 people all at the same time say "Im scared of what i saw, im scared of what i did, of who i am, and most of all im scared of walking out of this room and never feeling my whole life the way i feel when im with you!"

    "nobody puts baby in the corner"

    IT WAS AMAZING haha thats all i can say, if anyone loves this movie and can get there tomoroow GO!!!!!!!! BEST $10 I HAVE EVER SPENT!!! :smile:
  2. wait is that just for ny or all over, crap I so wanted to see this on the big screen. Gotta go google!!
  3. Not playing in AZ. Oh well. Anyways I love that film. In 1987 I wanted to be Jennifer Grey soooo badly LOL.
  4. That is SO weird!!! I watched True Hollywood Story about making this movie today!!!:nuts:
  5. Silvia...

    Yes Mickey?

    How do you call your loverboy?

    Come 'ere loverboy!!

    And if he doesnt answer?

    Ohh loverboy!

    And if he STILL doesn't answer?

    I simply say. Baby, Oohh baby. My sweet baby. You're the one
  6. Aww. I liked this movie a lot. :heart: