Requiem For A Dream

  1. i had never seen the movie before but i had heard so many good things about it so i finally rented it and i never watched a movie before with my mouth gaped open as i did with this film, it was a such a touching and moving film very well written and filmed ALL the actors played their characthers so well but i was soo disturbing it was so haunting , has anyone else seen it who can confirm i awness :confused1:
  2. requiem for a dream is one of my favorite movies. i know what you mean about it being very haunting, i felt the same way after i watched it for the first time, makes you really think about things.
  3. Awesome, awesome movie. I own it, and I can honestly say that is one of the few movies that I can (and have) see a million times and not get tired of it. All the actors are great.
  4. I dislike this movie. It's so depressing, and the scene at the end is too much. i appreciate it, but its not something I ever want to watch again. Kinda like Gummo. Same thing- it leaves you feeling gross and weird.
  5. I thought the perfomances were incredible but yes, it was a little depressing. And Danica YES! Gummo completely freaked me out (one of my DH's favorite movies too!)
  6. Requiem is a very good movie, but sad how young lives can change for the worse depending on their decisions.

    Now Gummo - that was a very strange/distrubing movie, but I have to admit, kept my attention. Another weird and even more distrubing movie from the Director of Gummo was Julien Donkey-Boy.
  7. ^ Can it get any weirder than Gummo?? lol What in the world is Julien Donkey-Boy?
  8. this movie is awesome!!!
    i think it's more beautiful than gummo, it's more touchy...
    and i also love the scoring and soundtrack... very intense.
    i love darren aronofsky's films... can't wait to see the fountain :P
  9. I had a friend that kept saying this was his favorite movie and that I just HAD to see. I had no idea that when it was over I would be so depressed!!!! It was a great movie and told a good story, but wow!!!!!! It was intense!!!!
  10. It's about a very very very dysfunctional family. Julien (the Donkey Boy) plays one of the sons in the movie. The movie is very hard to find, I had to buy it on ebay It's hard to believe, but its weirder than Gummo.
  11. Alright, I'm intrigued. I'll have to look for it...although I'm not sure why I do this to myself. :lol:
  12. ^^^^ If you see it, let me know what you think.
  13. I've seen this movie twice, it's great's the most depressing movie I've ever seen!
    I have no idea what gummo is :s
    can please someone explain?

  14. check this link :
  15. :wtf:
    I agree totally. I own this movie and I could never ger tired of it:yes: