Requests for Receipts

  1. Part question/Part rant

    I am selling a purse on eBay (carried for one month). I have received a few lowball offers. But the strangest request was to see a copy of my receipt. Why would someone ask that? Is a receipt necessarily a good indicator of authenticity? I wouldn't trust it when I have seen auctions for receipts and dustbags.

    I was mildly twerked off by that request and I pointed that person to I will admit that I am taking this personally. I am insulted that anyone would assume that the bags that I carry are "fake." I know...I know...I also believe that the buyers should really take the necessary precautions to educate themselves on the handbags. There are so many resources available online to help people decide what's real and what's fake...
  2. They may be asking because they want to steal the digital file of your receipt to use with their bag as the receipt. I would be very cautious about receipts.
  3. Wow!!!! I didn't even think about that. I will definitely watch out for that one.
  4. I would be cautious with receipts as well. However, honest buyers are becoming more and more savvy and they should...she may just be testing your honesty. I don't know anyone who has not been ripped off by a seller at least once. That being said, I would not show anyone a receipt with your personal info on it but let them know you have it and if they are the winning bidder you can send them a copy upon receipt of their payment. You would have to cross out any personal info/bar code info to protect yourself and not allow buyer to reuse the receipt.
  5. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  6. My goodness. I have been asked for receipts too. Because I originally stated that I would provide a copy of the receipt, I decided that if requested, I will give a copy. But...I will black out everything on that copied receipt that has anything to do with my personal information. Name, credit card information, item number and price. I am making sure they don't try to use the receipt for illicit actions against me or anyone else.
  7. OMG. I've never seen those up close. That's really freaky. Do you think that blacking out everything on mine is enough?
  8. Wow. That's crazy. I can't take the risk of losing one of my handbags over foolishness and I definitely don't want a swindler taking advantage of someone. I wonder if eBay is really for me.
  9. I would scan it and then watermark it (heavily), not so much you cant read the detail you want to show, but in a place where they can't erase it from. therefore the information which is important is to some extent safe.

    Although, without going into detail here (for obvious reasons), you would be amazed what an expert designer can do!!
  10. Great advice on the receipt thing-

    but I find it completely reasonable to ask about receipts - if the buyer is considering to sell it herself (maybe if she doesn't like it) she may need the receipt. if you read all the threads in this sub-forum, you will understand why people are being cautious, and don't trust anyone. they don't you, so why should they trust you, right? I am sure she did not mean to offend you but rather protect herself.

    I have been ripped off, and do not want to repeat that situation. also, checking fakes through elux is not telling you anything - just read some of the stories people have experienced. Sorry, but I somehow think that you put off a potential buyer, I certainly would be.
  11. To play devil's advocate, The buyer may think that asking is the best way to prove authenticity. It wasn't until I joined these boards that I learned what some people do with buying and faking receipts.
  12. I wouldn't be offended! Has nothing to do with you personally.. They could care less wether you carry fake or real. They may want to be sure it is real...but I would guess they want the receipt number...this is a common scam on eBay. You can't take anything personal when selling on are just one seller out of millions and the buyer wants to be sure it is a honest transaction..
  13. I've asked for receipts before, but not to copy them or to steal information! When a seller guarantees authenticity and when it's a pricier item, it's definitely good to verify by all means possible. I always ask for pictures of tags, and ask if they have pictures of dustbags and receipts.

    There are way too many fakes on ebay. They're everywhere (Ive even seen some selling for over $1,000 dollars, so I'm sure the buyer just wants additional guarantees of authenticity before taking a risk. It's not an intended insult.
  14. Oh I am not really insulted or taking it personally. I tired and suspicious. I just question the means to establish authenticity and am afraid that I would get the bait-n-switch.