Requesting Satin Choo input & thoughts please : )

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I’m having a sad lifestyle realization….:sad:
    I have a gorgeous purple satin Choo Clutch Wallet that I’ve never used at all.
    Sadly hubby and I have not gone to one single nice event since I purchased it.
    I should probably list it in the market plaza for sale as I just don’t seem like my lifestyle it – unless maybe you guys have some suggestions for me beside nice dinners to use it at?
    Any thoughts?:shrugs:
  2. I'd wear it with jeans...but that is just me. I love dress bags with jeans and a nice silk top...or even a tee and a jacket.
  3. I totally agree :tup: Jmcadon

    So many of my bags seem to be much dressier and nicer than my typical attire (jeans, sweats and shorts), but I just wear the bags anyway;)

    It makes me feel a little more classy and put together than I probably am, but if I waited to use my bags until I had an occasion to dress up for, my poor babies would sit in their dust bags FOREVER :push:
  4. thanks for your thoughts ladies.

    Do you guys think satin is pretty delicate?
    I hate when my items show usage ....I'm so anal :O
    I'll take a pic - guess its more of a wallet.
  5. Here's some pics



    It kind of seems too delicate to use as an everyday wallet/clutch - what do you think?
  6. wow it's really gorgeous. :biggrin:
  7. Nice size to use as a small clutch. Wear it out to dinner with your DH. It is really pretty! Love the color. Better to wear it and see a few signs of wear than to have it sitting in a box IMO.
  8. :okay:

    Good suggestion!
  9. Hey, Lady Chinadoll, I just realized you posted a pic:tup: Good job! So when do we get to see the rest of your collection:graucho:
  10. Here's another :tup:! ITA!
    Although I can dress up for work, I allow either my Bag or shoes to command the look. Rather use them and have them see the world. :yes: Don't give her up Lady chinadoll.
    She has so much potential. ;) I like Jm's suggestion - jeans and a very pretty silk top! :okay:
  11. I guess its the satin thing throwing me off a bit.
    I've always- always had leather, so the satin is a bit weird for me.
    does that make any sense at all?
  12. It's beautiful, you should keep it!!! :nuts:
  13. It is very pretty, but I guess I'm more of a leather person.
    How often do you guys use a satin item?
  14. I myself do have more leather purses. Satin items will depend more where I am going for the most part. Preferrably to a clean, cool place. :yes: Less traffic the better.