Requesting pics you with a swingpack!

  1. Ok, now. I want this, too :sweatdrop:
    For some reason, I don't like my purses in lighter colors. I have always gone for something dark. For the reason, I am digging this black swingpack, however I want to ask your opinions, whether this in black would be :tdown: or :tup:!

    If you have a pic, please post it for the reference.
    10250_B4BK_d2.jpg 10128_BBKWT_d2.jpg 40758_BKHMA_d1.jpg 10818_B4KH_d2.jpg
  2. I used my black pebbled leather swing-pack a ton on my recent vacation to FL. I need to resize pics so I will post them in a sec for you!
  3. I am at the Bonnet House in Ft. Lauderdale (Amazing Race fans, this is where the season where Uchenna and Joyce won, ended!):


    And here I am at the Hard Rock Cafe Casino out by the pool. I didn't win any Coach spending money. *pout*

  4. Since this is a thread about swingpacks... What is a swing pack exactly? It seems just like a Small Duffle, if there were one. Just curious, thanks. :smile:

    PS Kristan, yours looks so cute on you!
  5. ^^^Awww thanks!

    Yep, a swingpack is basically a small duffle IMO, it's flatter though, but great for sightseeing or shopping when you want to be hands free.
  6. Attached are some more swing packs. I have the punch and blue still.. I returned the brown/parchment though (it's a dept store only at Macys)

    Sorry no modeling pics :nogood:
    brown_swing1.jpg punchSwing.jpg sig_stripe_blue.jpg
  7. Black hamptons swingpack at MGM Studios, Orlando.:okay:
  8. Thank ya'll. Those look even cuter on you guys. I would love to see more! I guess I am gonna buy more than 2 already.
  9. this is the bf and me at MGM Studios back in March
    shhuuuhhhh dont tell Disney I took the photo from the website!!

  10. Krispin, you're adorable and that style looks fantastic on you!!

    Heath, you look so pretty sitting there and i love your summer style.

    depthxofxdreams, don't worry, i'll keep your secret:sneaky:
  11. Here I am with my khaki/white Sig Stripe Swingpack on vacation Florida: Please excuse the goofy look on DH's face. If he knew I showed this pic he would die!! I don't know why it looks more like a "Kilt" on me in this picture :pLOL!
    In the second picture (on the right) you can barely see my swingpack through the other two girls. Oh well...I'll have to get better at getting a shot of my Coach stuff when we take pics. Also, my friend (2nd from the left) is wearing a 'FOACH'!!! It's so funny...she totally thought she was stylin' with her Chinatown Find until I brought out my REAL one. I didn't want to make her feel bad. I will say this though...we went to the Coach Outlet store there in Key West and she is NO LONGER a Coach Virgin!! NOW she KNOWS the difference!! :tup:
    Thurs-Brian&Amy.jpg GNO-FatTuesdays.jpg
  12. camera Bag:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. You ladies look so nice with your swingpacks:tup:
  14. Thanks, Rapunzel! I was hoping you would notice my signature silver 1/2" bangle as well. :lol:
  15. Haha are you only allowed to wear swingpacks in Florida??? It seems like everyone's pics are from vaca in Florida. I hope everyone had a nice trip the pics are lovely!