Requesting HK x Tokidoki 35th anniversary bag modeling pics!


May 18, 2007
Orange County, CA
Trying to decide if i want to make the splurge and just suck it up and buy one off eBay (kicking myself for missing the release!). Does anyone have some modeling pics of themselves with the tote and/or boston duffle bag? I'd like to see these bags in proportion to actual human bodies. :P Thanks in advance!!

Ooh and I do remember seeing a picture of a TPFer modeling the duffle style bag, but would love to see more pics. :smile:


tamale loco
There's already a LONG thread on this

Since price is an issue for you (otherwise you would have just bought them on ebay), as a former owner of the tote, I'd say the quality is way below par for the price.. and original price is what I'm talking about. Okay to use once in a while but not as an everyday bag. Moreover it holds less than it looks by way of the odd bucket-like dimensions. What irritated me the most was that the straps refused to stay on my shoulder once bag is filled, empty was fine but who carries empty bags right?