Requesting Groom Update....

  1. can anyone with a groom accessory tell me how long they've had theirs and how the silkscreening has been holding up? mucho thanks!
  2. ive had my agenda since January and its holding up pretty well...very minor for the most part looks the way it did when i bought it. There was some color that got chipped off along the top...normal wear i would assume. I have the cles as well that I got for Christmas last year and that is fairing a little better. But for both overall not are some pics of the top and bottom (that I used on my eBay listing)

  3. really not bad though
  4. yeh not 2 bad at all!
  5. I have the groom zippy organizer (the green one) that I've had since March. Still looks as perfect as the day I got the cute lil' fella!
  6. Good to hear about the durability of the Mono Groom collection! I hope the little guy on my cles will stay on for long too!
  7. Ya it is not bad.
  8. Yup that's the way mine is on my Pochette wallet (same as LVoeLV's pic). I use it every day though and it gets transferred between bags all the time so I'd say it's holding up really well!
    I also have the Compact Zippe and Cles and they're perfect. :yes:
  9. Bf has agenda and I have the and both look as good as the day we got them
  10. I have the blue groom wallet, and have used it DAILY since I got it....nothing noted...yet!!
  11. does anyone use the dust bag that comes with it? just worried after i had read some previous postings about everyone complaining about their grooms peeling soon after purchasing this line. wondering if there was just a bad circulating around.
  12. I didn't at first then the little bit of color rub off happened and since I have kept it in its dust bag in my purse.
  13. Unfortunately this does happen, if you take care of it then it will last a lot longer obviousley. Anything silkscreened will rub off if not careful!