Requested info from look book...

  1. Sorry, no pics...even tho I know my SAs pretty darn well, I don't have the guts to ask for pics...

    Damier Sporty Tote:
    Available in regular and azur, very square and structured. Leather corners and leather on bottom third of sides. Rolled hand held handles.
    12 x 10 x 8
    $ 1420.00
    May 1

    Large hobo style quilted bag, lambskin, with a washed effect. Large twisted leather strap. New closure...looks like kiss closures popular in late 50's early 60's with white plastic knobs that remind me of the hair elastics.
    20 x 14 x 3
    $ 2380.00
    April 1

    No pouchette, closest is the Kristen, with the chain handle.
    10 x 5 x 3
    $ 1330.00

    Mono Pleaty Shoulder:
    Leather corners, that are on the front of the bag only....they do not wrap to the sides.
    13 x 7.9 x 4.9
    $ 1090.00
    March 1

    I hope I didn't forget anyone. I spent alot of time looking at the book, if you have any other ?'s let me know, I may remember.
  2. is the damier sporty tote a totally different thing from the hampstead?
  3. Did the pics show that the Damier Sporty can be used as a hand held and a shoulder bag?
  4. I thought the sporty tote was supposed to be a shoulder type bag??? this is the one with the plaque thingy right???
  5. yah thats what i was trying to ask above...just too tired to think:shame:

  6. From what I wrote down as I was looking at the look book a couple of days ago, the Damier Sporty has an adjustable strap that can be worn on the shoulder. I thought it was a super-looking bag!

    Also the Hampstead is a different bag --- it's a tote bag with a snap hook closure, open top. The Hampstead GM was listed at $1,200 size 14.6" x 13" x 8" and the Hampstead MM was 14.2" x 11.4" x 6.7" --- I forgot to write the price on that one.

    Thank you, Twinkle, for the update!!
  7. i believe the sporty tote is different from the hempstead as the hempstead comes in 3 sizes but correct me if i'm wrong
  8. Thank you for the infos. :yes: I will wait to see the Azur Sporty IRL and save up money from now on...:tender: (Is it going to be a permanent line?)
  9. Thanks for posting this. I'm going to LV Saturday to see the pics, hopefully it will stop snowing here by then.
  10. Yes, the hampstead in really close to batignolles verticle, but in damier and different sizes. It has leather corners at the bottom and it does have a small inventuer plate toward the top.
  11. I looked at the look book last night and the one bag I loved was the Damier Azur sporty tote! Gorgeous! The SA said if I wanted it I'd better get on the list now....but I was a good girl and passed:girlsigh: .
  12. I wish someone would post pictures.
  13. Thanks for the info, Twinkle.Tink!
  14. Thanks for the update!
  15. Thanks for sharing!