Requested Contact Info- his number doesn't work. What do I do now?

  1. Ok... It's been a month and I haven't received my item yet. I have a claim set up with paypal, but if he cleared his account I know I won't get any money.

    I used the contact user request form and I tried to call him to work things out on the phone and to perhaps get a refund, but the number is not in service. I know that you can get banned for listing wrong numbers. I think I've been scammed, and he's doing this to a lot of other people. How do I report him?
  2. How did you pay for the item? Don't waste your time chasing shadows. If he doesn't respond to the dispute you'll get your money back. How much was the item?

    If you paid via credit card, and paypal doesn't side with you, you can initiate a chargeback.
  3. It was just paid with my paypal balance so I can't do a chargeback. It was only $15 + about $8 shipping but I think that he's scamming a lot of people, so I wanted to report him.

    He's also in violation of the rules... sellers need to put correct contact info on their profile. I want this guy banned. If none of us that were scammed by him report him, he can do this to others. It's based on principle now.
  4. Thank you so much! That's exactly what I was looking for. You are, without a doubt, the eBay queen. ^_^
  5. I am sorry that this happened to you. It may only be $15, but this guys is a crook. Good luck & I hope that you get your money back.
  6. I had this happen once with a pair of shoes back when I was in high school. I bought them, had my mom send off a check and never heard from the seller though the check was cashed. I requested contact info, my mom called the number and it was some random production company that obviously wasn't the seller's number. Anyway, from there, I filed a mail fraud claim on them and I guess it scared the lady's boyfriend because he sent a refund check for the whole amount.
  7. No problem, happy to help! Good luck with this transaction & getting it resolved.