request to YSL sub-forum moderators

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  1. Would you please consider making a "sticky" for YSL bag photos, similar to those in other sub-forums?

    There are a lot of great pics floating around various threads here, but we could use a central repository!

    (And I love how the "sticky" in the Prada sub-forum won't allow any posting of comments--just photos.)
  2. I can do that!
  3. Thanks a lot Swanky! I'll be posting my pics soon...
  4. Great idea Jill D.C. And thank you Swanky for taking care of doing it!
  5. Golden, you gotta post those great Muse pics of yours!
  6. OMG!! Golden's photos are CRAZY! Unbelieavable collection!
  7. Thanks again, Swanky!! Jill, I posted them. Thanks again for suggesting the thread. It will be fun to have everyone put their different YSL style/color bags in there instead of needing to search for them.
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