Request for you purse affecinados

  1. Hello ladies.
    My girlfriend suggested that I post here.

    I'm a college junior taking a boring summer school class in consumer psychology. (I know, I know... it's an elective class:Push:smile:
    Anyhoooo....I know it may sound crazy....but for a class project I need to collect pictures of your purses. Actually pictures of the purses in the open posistion and showing all of your purse items stuffed into them. Big purses if you have them. And if you can, also show your mom's purse for a comparison.


  2. that class sounds like fun

    wish I was still in college
  3. Heh, that sounds like fun. I'll take one this weekend, though I don't have my mom available to me to photograph hers. Do you want us to email the pictures or post them here?
  4. be wary Ladies. . . we have a lot of picture theft. . . I wouldn't participate w/ someone I don't know personally. ;)
  5. I agree with Swanky..this seems kind of odd
  6. I was thinking that myself..
  7. Ah, ok then! Thanks for the warning. :smile:
  8. Something smells fishy..LMAO....
  9. :yes: The second I finished his "want ad" I could tell exactly what this is all about!:censor:
  10. Umm... newbiew asking for pics of all of your purses???
  11. Ok i mean really , who is ur GF??? :rolleyes: Does she post here ???
  12. Yeah sorry man but that request is offense.
  13. Maybe it's just a comparison of two different generations of women and what they carry around with them daily?
  14. ^knock yourself out Luna! I just wanted people to think twice, not think for them! ;)
  15. Great advice Swanky...err on the side of caution! THANKS!