Request for photos

  1. If you have a new ergo . . . do you accessorize your bag with a scarf? Can you take photos and post?

    I am trying to picture the ergos with a scarf on them and I am not so sure it will look right given the design of the bag. So I just wanted to see some examples, if you have any!

  2. An ergo tote or hobo? Here's my hobo with a scarf

  3. ^ Love the hobo!
  4. I carried my small white leather hobo on tuesday with the watercolor scarf and it looked gorgeous if I do say so myself.
    I will take a picture for you?
  5. Oh, yeah, good question from the person that asked: which ergo?
  6. I was going for the hobo, just like Katriese831 posted! Thanks! That was what I was looking for.