Request for photos

  1. If you have the Legacy Mandy Courier or the Legacy Shoulder Tote, could you please take a picture of yourself holding the bag? I really want to see size. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

    (I have looked at several members collections looking for photos with these bags on their arms and I have been unsucessful.)
  2. Here's the legacy shoulder bag

    For reference...I'm about 5'9" and about 145ish (eep)..and the shoulder strap is on the last hole, making it the longest it can go

  3. Dewey: is that the perfume charm on your bag? It looks great! I need a charm for my shoulder bag in that color! I didn't think any of the ones I have looked good! TIA!

    ETA: nevermind! Duh! I enlarged the pic and see now it's your lippies! I need to get mine out now!
  4. Here is another (pic of me with my legacy shoulder bag).


    I am 5'6 and mine is at the last notch as well. ( I don't see why you would make the strap any shorter.)
  5. here's mine (for reference, i'm 5'6" and, uhm, i'll keep the weight to myself- lol...but i AM wearing a bulky hoodie)


    shoulder bag:

    pics of both, for size comparison (sorry about the stripe one in there).
  6. Those bags are gorgeous, kallison!:nuts:
  7. Great, everyone! Thanks! The photos were exactly what I needed. I have the Ali now and it is the perfect size for me. And I want to get both the legacy shoulder and the Mandy, but I thought the legacy shoulder might be a little too small, but from the looks of your photos, I think it will work. I think I am going to try and get the shoulder in Pond and the Mandy in Whiskey. I'll post pictures if it all works out! Thanks again for your help!:yes: