Request for Original Price..

  1. Hey Pfer's, what was the original price of the miroir pochette? I LOVE this bag, and see it on eBay for about 500 - 600 and was wondering original price...any help would be greatly appreciated:confused1:
  2. I don't have my receipt handy, but I am pretty sure 525. or very close.
  3. Thanks Twink! I LOVE my keychain!!!! I came home to find it right after I had my Saturday wreck. I really needed a sweet lift... thank you sooo much!:heart:

    did your pink shoes come in???:yes: I'm picking my azur speedy up at fedex today...:yahoo:
  4. They did finally on Monday, haven't had a chance to go get them though....probably today or tomorrow.
  5. original price was 260 pounds if that helps. not sure what that is in USD.
  6. Thanks randomlily, I can find the converter online...:heart:

    It was $509.00 and then if you pay tax, could be up to $525.... thanks all!
  7. For some reason I feel like it was $565, I remember thinking, "woah that's like a speedy" when the SA told me the price.
  8. Rebeccah(sp) LV babydoll has the mirroir pochettes so she'll know better, just pm her.
  9. Sorry twinkle, I didn't read your post so carefully, you have the bag, lol, so you'd know better than I.
  10. The 525 was before tax, after tax was like 540 ish
  11. ok, just checked the receipt.....price was 525, with tax (CA) total was 568.31.
  12. Thanks again!... so, getting it $550ish would be good, not gonna pay over retail for those eBay hoarders... lol... thanks again!
  13. pretty Vee...gonna get one?:graucho: :shrugs:
  14. i hope you get one! some people are selling them for 1500!
  15. I LOVE this pochette in silver; but don't think I can get it now, esp after my car wreck, that's costing me one nice piece of LV; about 3 of those miroir pochettes... ouch. But, I do want one for the future...