Request for mod shots - Carre en Carres 90cm twill


Feb 11, 2013
Book of Kells
Hi, all! I have always like the scarves-within-a-scarf idea of the Carre en Carres design from many years ago, and I've found a blue/soft teal/camel colorway that might push me over the edge. Admittedly, though, the coloring on certain sections of the scarf is likely to be more flattering than the coloring on others. So, to help see how everything works together, I'd like to humbly request if any of you would mind sharing mod shots of this design that show how you deal with this particular issue - if you have identified an "iffy" stripe of your own, what are your favorite ways of wearing it? I'm aware of MaiTai's many wonderful posts with this scarf, but I'm curious to hear which parts/stripes/windows you like to show and why, and which (if any) you actively try to de-emphasize.

For what it's worth, the Couvertures section is the one I'm most skeptical of, colorwise (the other sections are a little muted/dusty, but this section is a bright clear aqua). If I took the plunge, I think I'd be spending most of my time highlighting the Tigre Royal and BdG in the center with rectangular folds in any case, but I'm curious if in bias/triangular fold-based knots the Couvertures is capable of playing nicely with the other sections since it's on the end.

Thank you so much! I hope everyone and their families are staying safe and well.