Request for L.A.M.B. Subforum

  1. I know that not every brand can have a sub-forum, but I think in this case, a LAMB sub-forum is warranted.

    Currently, there is one long-standing thread with over 5000 posts, is currently 300 pages long, and has many many more viewers than posters. I subscribe to the thread for a daily update, and on average, there are more than 100-150 posts PER DAY in this thread alone.

    We LAMBies tend to stay in this thread, rather than starting a new one for each topic like some other brands, however, it's just become too large. We have started individual threads for a Picture Library, Celebrity Sightings, and "Deals" but could use some organization. In addition to the bags, there's the clothing line, shoes, and other merchandise that could be included.

    I know we've asked this amongst ourselves within the thread ("Why don't we have a sub-forum") but I'm branching out and now asking MODS for consideration. I know many other LAMBies will chime in and agree that the request is justified and necessary.

    Thanks! ((and please please pretty please give us a sub-forum) :flowers:
  2. pleeeeeeaaaaaaassssseee!!!!????
  3. Yeah, our thread is huge. And I'm old and get confused easy. So a LAMB sub forum would actually be beneficial to my health. :lol:
  4. Also another request for a LAMB subforum.

    our one major thread could be divided into so many sub-subforums it's crrrazy!

    and if u need someone to step up and be mod, I'd be more than happy to, i've got some moderator experience in other forums. :biggrin:
  5. Definately Needed !!! Too Much To Keep Track Of!
  6. I conquer. I've been involved in the LAMB thread since about 20 pages in and I'm to the point where I have to sneak at work (shhh! don't tell!!!) several times a day just to keep up!!!

    Many questions and much-needed opinions/advice/experience are getting overlooked because the main thread just moves way too fast. Before we started the pictures thread I'd spend up to an hour searching for past photos and sometimes would just give up altogether. And I still find myself searching through general handbags forum looking for particular threads now that we've tried to organize a bit but it's still just too much.

    Please please please mods!!!! I think our request is warranted. We need better organization! A way to keep track of past lines, new lines, new bag styles, new prints, clothes, shoes , stores, sales, .....oh the madness!!! We need help!
  7. I have another request for a L.A.M.B sub forum as well.

    Being new to the L.A.M.B bags, I am finding it difficult to gain information since the threads are so scattered and really long.

    It would be great in their own sub forum. Organization is exciting!
  8. Yes! Please set up a separate forum for us! There are so many posts now, that a lot of questions get lost in the thread.
  9. Hi decision makers! This forum is needed. Our massive thread makes it so difficult to find anything. The first time I searched through the LAMB thread it took me 1 1/2 hr. to just be educated on style and name of handbag.
  10. Yes could lamb please have it's own sub-forum? It is so hard keeping up with everything in that massive thread it gives me a headache!
  11. I think this would be a great idea..a lot of questions go unanswered because there are sooo many posts per day. It is comfortable to stay in the main thread because alot of the other threads are hard to find amongst the rest. If it was more organized it would be easier to get questions answered and be able to keep up with all the different topics and less repeat posts, more accessible answers. If it wasn't for some members keeping the links to the other l.a.m.b. threads in their signature I would be lost..
  12. Please please please,
    L.A.M.B needs it's own sub-forum.. Like other ladies here said, a lot of questions go unanswered because the thread is moving so fast.. and it took me forever to go through all the posts just to find answer..

    a sub-forum is very much needed.. :yes::flowers:
  13. I couldn't agree more :yes: Please can we have a sub forum? If I miss even one day on the thread I'm completely lost! Pleeeease......
  14. ^^ yeah and if you go out of town, just forget about catching up later.
  15. YES, please- please can we have a LAMB sub-forum?