request for help, please.....advice needed - what kind of small dog breed is good?

  1. Hello,

    Please, help! I am having a really hard time deciding upon a breed of dog...I remembered tPF had an animal section, so I am calling upon my tPF angels.

    Here's a quick summary.

    I had a Pekeingese and she passed away a couple of years ago. I am finally at a place where it's time to get another dog. I am home all of the time (I am ill), so I am looking for a breed that would keep me company. My pekeingese followed me everywhere all over the house (I mean, if I went even into the bathroom/etc, she went too!) and I would love to have that same companionship again. I live within an apartment and will probably get a condo within a year. I am in bed a lot and rarely leave my house (I use to leave only to take my dog out). I would like a tiny little dog, one that is easy to groom...oh! also, I looked at Yorkie's, but I have heard they are hard to train to go outside. My pekeingese that passed away never really got the hang of going potty outside, I worry about that.

    Whew! Thank you so much, with all my heart, for taking a moment to read this and help me. I really am looking for breed suggestions and info on that breed.

    Also, my pekeingese that passed away was a gift, so how do I locate a puppy? Do I look within the local paper? Help! Thank you so much and happy new year to everyone! :heart:

  2. I'll do some looking online for small breeds and post if I find something useful for you. As far as finding a puppy, are you sure you want to housetrain a puppy again? Whatever breed you decide on, there is probably a breed rescue for them and they could help you find a suitable dog that is already house-trained. If you have your heart set on a puppy, I wouldn't look in the paper ads; there's no guarantee of the breeding (puppy mill dogs can be sickly, have behavioral issues). There must be breed associations that can recommend breeders that are reputable.

    Good luck in finding the perfect companion.
  3. First, I would ask that you consider a rescue or a shelter doggie! A lot of us, myself included, have rescued dogs or cats and they are great. Now, do you want a high, medium or low energy dog? Are you able to walk a dog? I think these are important things to consider. Terriers are high energy usually, so maybe that would not be a great fit. How about a doggie like a cocker spaniel? Medium energy, good personality..anyway, good luck!
  4. I am terribly sorry to hear about your dog.:sad: I would check out dog forums and see what kind of dog other people have. I would google small dog breeds to see what kind of temperament they have. Once you decide, I would checkout or find a breed rescue in your area.
  5. I have a pomeranian and he is such a great dog.

    I recommend them to everyone, used to have a Lhasa Apso he was a pain in the butt.
  6. ^^ i want to start off by saying you sound like such a sweet person...and i hope we can help you find the perfect doggy for you...i think a small breed rescue would be great if you can find one that's not too hyperactive...chihuahua's & chi-mixes like the one i just adopted (1/2 bichon & 1/2 chi) make wonderful pets...they're funny, smart, sweet & very affectionate...they're little & have short hair that's easy to groom...below is a photo of my new baby, who i found on :love:
    DSCF6312 REV2.jpg
  7. I'm glad you're ready to share your life with another little doggie. It's also very responsible of you to do your homework first!

    I don't have much experience with small breeds -- all my dogs are medium sized, but the internet is a great source of information. There are also a couple of magazines about dogs that you can buy. I can't think of the names of them, but they sell them at the grocery store, drug store, pet store, etc., so maybe if you read one of them you'd get some ideas.

    I think most breeds have their own associations or clubs. In addition, there are forums for a lot of the breeds. These people can be a wealth of information.

    Good luck to you!
  8. If you can find a small dog at a shelter, that would be great because you'd be saving a dog. If not, I recommend a Chihuahua, but that could just be because I have one :biggrin: I did a lot of research before I decided on the breed I wanted and I think you should do the same. I love my Chi and he's the best. He is ALWAYS with me. He follows me wherever I go...including to the He's smart, funny, sweet, affectionate, playful, doesn't bark much...I can go on and on about him...hehe Anyway, I wish you luck on your search for a new doggie!!
  9. ITA with the things above. Its hard to suggest a breed, if we dont know exactly what you are looking for. My rescue(Princess) is very high energy, she is a Shih-Tzu/Lhaso mix. She follows me EVERYWHERE, is very loyal, she is a total dog, all she wants to do is play with her toys and chew on her bone.
    Mariah, on the other hand, is pretty laid back, but she does have her playful times(she is a Chihuahua). She is pretty independent, very loyal, and has an amazing personality(she thinks shes human).
    I really would recommend visiting a shelter, they have some of the most amazing little dogs, you would never expect to find the perfect companion there, but they are there, just waiting for someone like you to take them home:yes:. If you want a pure bred, you can also find those at the shelter, its worth a look!

    Good luck!!
  10. Definitely an adult. It takes a lot of energy and effort to housebreak and train a puppy. I'd look for one that was housebroken and already had good house manners. Contact a breed rescue and they can help.
  11. I agree w/ everyone re: energy and age. I have a yorkie mix and he follows me around everywhere. He is VERY high energy too and into everything-it is like watching a toddler. He is a high maintenance dog. We've always had Pomeranians and they are great dogs. Some are really yappy though. My parent's current pom is very low key, but she is not what I would call a people dog. She's happy to sleep alone in a separate room while everyone else watches TV, cooks dinner, etc.

    I know you say you want a small dog, but I would consider medium or large too, if the space permits it. My parents have a gigantic lab mix and he is so sweet, gentle and laid back- the most low maintenance dog ever, w/ some shedding but not much. He just wants to sit by you and lay near you- he'd lay w/ you but he's over 100 pounds! He's very protective of his family too. Rescue groups could help w/ your desired personality traits too. My little 8 pound dog requires more exercise than the lab to stay calm and acting appropriate. The lab is happy w/ once around the block, while my dog wants close to a mile a day w/ tons of playing. Just more food for thought for you!
  12. I don't know if they all are fairly quiet, but a friend adopted a 2 yr old Min Pin and he's content to just be near her. He's smart, has short hair, so grooming would be minimal.
  13. Mine isn't fairly quiet. :lol: Min Pins are big dogs trapped in small packages.:biguns: You can't tell him any different! Mine needs a lot of attention and he is quite hyper. He is also very protective.

  14. Your baby is like a white version of mine! I found my at a shelter too. And just LOOOOVE him.

    With shelter dogs its great because you don't really have to worry about breeders and inbreeding etc. Plus most rescue groups are more likely to be completely honest with you about the dog since they want you to know everything before you commit yourself to the dog. And if you don't want a mixed breed dog you can find a rescue group for just about any breed!

    Also I would suggest a chi or chi mix (I have one lol) and he is just soooo loyal and sweet. he follows me around everywhere.
  15. I know you mentioned that you had a Pekignese. They are wonderful dogs. My grandparent had two. Maybe another one would be a good choice? Or, someone else mentioned Pomeranians. They're adorable also. I'm also wondering if a Maltese might be a good breed to look into?