Request a special hang tag...or not?

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  1. I recently got a beautiful black Ali on Ebay. The bag is absolutely perfect, but there is neither a leather hangtag nor the little round gold tag. The auction didn't mention it, and I didn't notice it. Frankly, I got it for a steal, so I didn't care to email the seller about it after I received the bag.

    I called Coach and told them my Ali had lost her tags, both the leather tag and the round gold tag. The CS rep was very sweet and said she would send them out right away. Well, the package came today, but it only contained the leather hangtag.

    I'd really like to have the round gold tag as well, but it isn't a big deal and I don't want to be a pain. Would you call Coach back and ask for one, or just let it be? Does Coach even offer replacements for the round gold tags?

    Just curious what you guys would do:shrugs:. Thanks!
  2. I'd call and ask. All they can do is say no! You could also look on ebay. Who knows, someone could be selling one! I would call though, just to ease my own mind! I'd even tell them that you had called but didn't get exactly what you were after. They aim to please! And the black Ali is beautiful, congrats!
  3. When I lost the tag on my Ali (which I did later find under my car seat lol) I had called and asked for a replacement and all i received was the leather hangtag as well.

    If 1-800 doesn't work try calling your local store and ask if they have an extra metal tag.

    Good luck!
  4. i would call again and ask for a snaphead tag for your legacy bag.
  5. It can't hurt to call again. Good luck! Great bag btw, enjoy.
  6. "Snaphead Tag". I knew it had to have a better name than "little gold round thingey":shame:.

    Thanks everyone, I think I will call and see what happens.