Reputation thingy - new?

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  1. Thanks to your suggestion earlier Vlad, I'm now using Firefox. It's FAST! Instant almost!

    Just saw the reputation block thingies.. er.. is that a new feature or has it always been there and IE was so messed up it didn't appear for me? Sorry if this sounds completely inane but just wondering if I've been missing out this whole time while on dreaded IE, lol!:biggrin:
  2. yup firefox rocks. i hate IE. it crashes my comp. lol. stupid pop ups and adbots and crap.
  3. haha i'm with serenity sue...what are reputation points? I have 10 already( hope that is a good thing)
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  4. Definitely a good thing :biggrin: You'll have many more!!! Its supposed to measure what people add to the community etc, or at least I THINK! lol.
  5. Thanks noriko:lol: Your reputation ain't too bad either;) we do know though whether it is a good reputation or bad reputation? HAHA..bad reputations are for highschool.good reputations are for PF :P
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  6. I don't understand. Whenever I hover over the blocks, it just says "JAP4life is on a distinguished road," and it says that for everyone. Am I missing something here? lol ^_^
  7. another forum I'm on tried the rep system but it failed. It turned into a popularity contest so they took it away
  8. I think coz at the moment, we all have the one green block. May say something else as we accumulate more blocks. To award someone karma or positive/neg rep, click on the white scales next to the round online/offline indicator.
  9. I don't understand how it works too....:sad2:
    I'm only able to see i got 10 reputation points :worried: :wacko: ,what should we do to see if we have a good reputation??:smile: :nuts: Please,suggestions and infos are welcome! :blink: :biggrin:
  10. allison, yes, I see your point. It may be a bit of fun now but perhaps further down the track, some ppl may take it personally or see it as a competition?? Hope not though and hope that ppl will just take it for what it is, just another fun thing on the forum to do, lol!:biggrin:
  11. OH yes, thanx Serenity!! :smile: :P
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  12. Stefyp, I think we all start out with 10 good reps, hence the one green block. On another forum I visit, you start out with no blocks. The only way to accumulate more reps is if other posters award them to you. Just check your rep points by going to user CP. Sometimes some ppl may chose to leave a comment for you too;)
  13. Thanx a lot again Serenity!! :P
  14. I unfortunately can see this happening as well Allison. :unsure:
  15. When I saw you downloaded FireFox to replace your slow Internet Explorer, I downloaded it to, as I was having the same problem. Wow is it FAST! I would recommend this to anyone who's having trouble with IE! :biggrin: