Reputation/Positive feedback Suggestion.

  1. I know that the reputation system was tried here and bombed rather spectacularly a couple of months ago. At the time,feedback was anonymous,both positive and negative feedback was allowed,and as the forum was the target of an "invasion" by trolls at the time,the system was largely used for abuse.

    I would like to suggest,though,that it be introduced again on a "named poster,positive feedback only" (ie only the "I approve" button available and the name of the person giving the feedback always appearing next to it so we know whom to thank!).

    This system works so well on a number of forums i visit.Sometimes one reads a post,one out of maybe 50 in a thread,that really speaks to one and one would like to compliment the poster. At the moment the options are 1) to reply to the thread,but it may be several pages later and the person may never see it at all. Or 2) to send a private message,which is just too laborious and may make them feel obligated to reply. Positive feedback is just a nice,quick and easy way to say "Good point,thanks" in an unobtrusive way.

    I would like to hear other thoughts on the subject too...thanks for reading.:flowers:
  2. there's also a neat thing on vbulletin I've seen used. You can give "Thanks" to someone right in a thread.
    There's a log near your user name that show how many people you've thanked and how many you've received. It's a cool feature!
  3. I've seen that too,and I's great :yes: .
  4. Sounds good but being the most computer illiterate person going I would not know whether this would mean a lot of work for Vlad and Megs to set up??
  5. Vlad is great at this! I think it's probably a turn on/off feature. Probably relatively easy to set up if they liked the idea.
  6. I don't think so Rachel,and it costs nothing to maintain.