Reputation Point System?

  1. Vlad, Megs,

    Have you ever thought about introducing a rep point system to the board? I think it would encourage the membership base to value quality over quantity. I also like reputation systems w/ comments because it gives you the opportunity to hear things about your posts that others didn't feel comfortable posting on a public board.

    I'd also love to hear feedback from other members.
  2. We introduced a rep system when the forum first started, but it caused more bad than good. Many got angry/hurt when negative rep was applied, and others were racing for gathering positive rep and trying a bit too hard.
  3. Was rep or neg rep anonymous? I know that people are more judicious and less likely to be catty when their name is posted next to that little red dot. Or maybe only allowing positive rep and not negative?

    It makes sense to me that it didn't work it when the forum was smaller. Rep is usually a big issue in smaller forums, because it's much more personal. Now that the forum is much larger, I really think it would do more good than harm. :flowers:
  4. ^^ ITA w/ no rep system. I shy away from boards with a rep system because it brings to the forefront the fact that I am being judged socially. Not fun.
  5. Well, the point of a rep system is to bring out the quality of posts, not to draw out the popular members. While I'm sure there are always a few that will use the system to this end, I think that the great majority of the regulars are mature enough to use it as it is intended.
  6. I do not think I would like this at all!!! I really dont want to know what others think of my posts!! This is my hobby, a joy in my life that I use as my escape from day to day reality. I do not want to be judged on being silly, or serious, etc...)
  7. You'd be surprised. :p

    Seriously though, I do not think it's a good idea on a forum that is predominantly female.
  8. I know the idea is not very attractive to those who are not used to such a system, but I always found it helpful on other forums. Here are some of the responses/reps I've gotten in another forum.

    thanks a bunch, that info was really helpful.

    I'm glad you stood up to him, hes such a bully.


    I like your sentiment, but I wish you would be kinder.

    All these responses have bettered me as a member of the community, made me feel appreciated, and kept me in check when I get out of hand. I heart rep systems!
  9. Now what is THAT supposed to mean, LOL. :lol:
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. heyyy what does that mean? lol
    im not familiar with the point system but i don't think i would like it from the examples that were given.
  12. Vlad, maybe we could do it as a trial run? If people abuse the system, remove it? I hate the thought that membership as a whole is not mature enough to handle such a system. I hope people have enough faith in our base to not think that our membership as a whole is spiteful and silly enough to turn it into a popularity contest.
  13. It means that feelings are quickly hurt... Megs and I received tons of complaints about reputation points given, even ladies who wanted to leave the forum because of a single negative rep point.
  14. I am weighing in on this one. I agree with Sunshine. I also feel it would become a popularity contest and we have all been to highschool. I don't really want to re-live it again. Been there done that. I know that intentions would be in the best interest at first...but then there will always be some individuals who may not like another member and become somewhat vicious. Vlad is right...women dominated forum...bad idea. This is my opinion as I work with 99% women and find myself "staying" away form them during lunch (cattiness) to come here on tPF to avoid all of that drama.
  15. I don't think that system sounds like a good idea. Vlad is right, and it's his and Megs' forum, so just leave it at that. After all, he said that they already tried it and didn't like it, so why would they wanna re-introduce it? TPF is just fine the way it is. Nobody wants a "popularity contest."