Reputable sunglass sellers???

  1. Anyone know any eBay folks who are reputable sunglass sellers???
  2. I like fabulousdesignersunglasses[​IMG]-- you can find really great prices and a fair selection. Carry alot from past seasons but also from current I believe. Extremely fast shipping. Ordered twice from them and had great experiences both times.
  3. I bought from 5*shades4u and was very happy!! Fast shipping and authentic!
  4. i just bought a pair of dolce & gabbana sunglasses from "starluggage" they have over 2000 positive feedback.
  5. Thanks so much. :tup:
  6. I am just about to order from them but I started to worry. So for sure they are authentic items?
  7. for oakley's ive ordered from apparel-etc...super fast shipping and extremely hassle free
  8. Have you bought it?
    I know it's an old thread :biggrin:

    I like some D&G over there, hope they are authentic..
  9. I have bought from enerolisa0512 and have been very pleased.
  10. I just bought from that seller too but I have not get the item yet and that seller has repost for sale the exact pair with exactly everything that come with mine. This listing is the same he used for the ones I just bought. I wonder if they're authentic or not. My question is : Do you own some other pair bought elsewhere?