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    Im trying to get my girlfriend a Gucci purse for christmas(it would make her life!) but I just cant afford to actually buy one from Gucci. Can anyone tell me if this website looks good? I called customer service and spoke with the owner and he said that all the bags were authentic. He said that some prices were marked way down because some of the bags are like last years models and stuff. I called Gucci and asked them if they could take a look at it after I bought it and give me there opinion if it was real or not but they acted like jurks and blew me off(no surprise). I really dont care about the model or anything I just cant spend over 500 dollars and Its HAS to be REEEEAAAALL!! can anyone help me?
  2. Just wait a couple of weeks and buy her a bag from the Gucci store during their sale. I think it starts around the 3rd of December. And if you're not close to a store, also has some items on sale during that time as well.
  3. Also if the sale bags are still too expensive, then look at one of their small messenger bags or belt bags. They are really convenient for shopping and traveling because they're handsfree. Plus now they have them in all kinds of cute colors for their cruise line. And best of all, they are less than $500, even without the sale.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. I agree with MsKris. Wait till the Gucci sales to buy her one. Don't buy her a fake bag from any replica sites unless you want to get dumped. And Eluxury doesn't sell Gucci PennPrincess. :weird:
  5. please only ask authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! sticky provided, thanks!
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