Reputable Sellers List - Should We Start One?

  1. What do you ladies think? I've been spending a lot of time in the Hermes Forum lately, and they have a list of reputable sellers on E-bay, based on their past experiences/purchases.

    I've been too scared to purchase through a reseller, but recently, I had to (rare color/style from a previous season, no longer available in stores) and it scared the heck out of me :wtf: Maybe we should compile a list to help fellow pf'ers?
  2. OF COURSE !
    GREAT IDEA!:tup::tup::tup:
  3. Although I never bought from e-bay you never know since the service I get from the Chanel b in Vienna is far from proffessional ghrr:nogood:!

    Great idea indeed !:okay::tup:
  4. That's a good idea.
  5. I have my doubts this would really work. Anyone can join this forum, including scammers who would use this opportunity to put their names on the list. Also, there are a few sellers/power sellers that have very good feedback, and believe me they sell fakes. Many who bought from them really feel they had bought an authentic bag and may recommend them.
  6. I agree with Michele
  7. ahh its such a great idea, but I tend to agree with Michelle, that unscrupulous people would try to add their names.

    Could we maybe compile a list of experiences we members have personally had with eBay sellers? (I know we already have the authentic chanel finds section) but If we also included our original buying link or something we would then atleast be able to prove our bags were good? I would love to tell people about the amazing bags I have purchased off of eBay (some were from an eBay member who also happens to be on here too :yes:)
  8. ^Oh no, that is terrible. I guess this will not work. It's such a shame, people these days!

    chloe-babe--Perhaps that is a good alternate! Do we already have some sort of discussion thread?
  9. I agree too. . . this is why I haven't initiated one.
  10. ITA with Michele.

    Eventhough I have more confidence on personalshoppers but I would recommend nobody on ebay for vintage bag.
  11. I have seen those 100% feedback sellers posting auctions of fake Chanel bags and wallets. I agree with Michele that the buyers who purchased their items really thought they were receiving an authentic Chanel based on the feedback. A seller will often flaunt their perfect feedback score in an effort to justify their items are real. So many buyers don't know what details to look for in an authentic bag, and rely on the feedback instead.
  12. ^That is horrible. I really wish there were a way to warn people!
  13. That's a great too also looking for past season chanel bags, it will be really helpful if there are some highly recommended resellers to help me or even other pfers. Recently, i have a bad experience buying a bag on ebay....sigh
  14. All to many times I've seen the amazing ladies in the 'authenticate this' thread (Mon, Michele, Nathalie) show how even power sellers, even known reputable sellers, have a bag that is NOT authentic. Bags should each be individually authenticated....