Reputable Sellers - list here please

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  1. I'm going to keep the sticky at the top but will keep THIS THREAD open for a day or so for brainstorming.
    Go ahead and list your sellers here and I'll add them.
    Please make a "case" for them, too.
    Can be - "I bought from this seller"
    "My friend bought from this seller
    "I know my stuff and have followed this seller, everything is authentic"
    "Seller is a member of mypoupette or ALVA"

    Please feel free to pm me or any other H mod, too!

    Thanks everyone! :love: :love: :love:
  2. "LadyAuthentic" is reputable. I've been buying from and communicating with her over the last several years...a white clemence 31 Bolide and rouge vif 35 Kelly. She is the best there is!
  3. just some remarks to the sellers i named :
    user857857: she is a pleasure to talk to very kind very generous non-pushy and best deals! if i would love something she has i would buy without pics etc totally trustworthy and a true darling

    mightykismet: there have been rumours around her yestrday about her bags. ********, she only and ever sells 100% authentic pieces no doubts whatsoever and always very very quick responses to every and each question
  4. I have to back up MK also, I have bought an Hermes piece and an expensive piece of jewelry -- both were a pleasure.
  5. luxwear...haven't purchased, but have had communications with - lovely to deal with, and great bags on offer.
  6. Got those! Thanks!
  7. GT,

    you got Luxury-Zurich and Lucy and Flossy, right?
    and BlueManxAntiques????

    I've had nothing but fantastic experiences from these sellers...honest, fast and everything the real deal. I'd buy BLIND from them....just on their word that's how great I think they are.....
  8. Yup - check my list in the closed thread above. HOpefully we'll get a few more...
  9. Great list, ladies! I'll also add:


    I've had wonderful experiences with both of these lovely sellers from Germany.
  10. sandiaexchange

    Have been following their auctions for a while and they have authentic stuff on offer plus a good reputation

    have bought from her, pleasure to deal with, authentic

    have communicated with her, pleasure to deal with, authentic
  11. objets_intemporels: Martine is a wonderful seller (purchased a HAC from her a while back and it was GORGEOUS!) and a great lady to boot :flowers:


  12. ^^ got it already. :smile:
  13. Oh - I just PM'd you GT. I didn't realize there was a place to post. I want to add elitefashion2000 on the list. I just purchased from her, and she's lovely to work with!
  14. I would like to add: accessory *dujour (sorry, I may have ruined the spelling)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.