reputable rolex seller on ebay

  1. hi everyone.

    anyone have any reccomendations for a reputable rolex reseller on eBay? i've been looking for quite awhile now, and wanted to know if you guys knew of anyone trustworthy. i just dont want to pay the over inflated retail price, but at the same time, don't want to get scammed on such a pricy item!

    thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Sasha,
    I'm not sure if you are in the market for a used or a new Rolex, but I'd check-in on the timezone forums. They're easily the preeminent high-end watch forum on the internet. Their classifieds/sales corner is also quite reputable, in case you want to consider getting a pre-owned one.

    I caution you as to eBay, as oftentimes, the sellers do not know exactly what they are selling. Even if it turns out to be a fake, they may not be aware. Rolex bans the sale of any of its new watches via the internet. So if you are able to purchase a "new" one via the web, it's likely a gray-market watch. I'd be mindful. Stick to a site where the people are experts on it.. and as such, the dealers and traders will be known entities.
  3. Thanks for your reply! I've never heard of this "gray-market", what exactly do you mean? Like I said before, I've just started researching...I'd like it to be new, or fairly new, not a Rolex from the 80's. I'm checking the site now though, thanks!
  4. Hey Sasha,
    Grey/gray-market refers to a watch that is authentic, but has made its way into a geographic market that it wasn't originally intended for. It's fairly well-accepted that certain countries sell Rolexes for cheaper than they are available here in the U.S. (as a result of differing tax laws and a different distribution network, allowing for higher discounts off MSRP). Some of these areas include the Caribbean, Hong Kong/Singapore, Switzerland, etc.

    One may run into certain issues getting the warranty to be honored if it's grey-market. US Rolex Service Centers tend to be very picky about stuff like this. As such, it's probably better to stay away from a grey-market watch. YOu'll know the country of origin when you look at the watch's papers (and stay away from watches that do not come with papers, as this is a red flag). Rolex ownership certificates will state the original authorized dealer that sold the watch, as well as its location.
  5. First: chose a model, it's easier to chase for a bargain if you know exactly what you want. Decide whether you want a watch that is still in production or one that is discontinued (you normally won't find the latter at an AD).

    Next: If you're going for a new watch I normally recommend buying at an AD or on the grey-market (nonAD, but not a private individual), so you can be sure that the watch is authentic and the guarantee papers are legit. If you want to buy a discontinued watch try to find out as much as possible about the seller and his reputation, if he sells on eBay you can post a link to the auction in a watch forum and discuss it with some pros. It's also good if the paper work is complete (a guarantee certificate is still valuable even if the guarantee expired), this still isn't a proof of authenticy but a indication and it increases the value of the watch if you want to resell it one day (IMHO you shouln't buy something with having in mind to resell it, but that that's just my attitude). The only proof of authenticity is getting the watch opened and having the clockwork examined, at least in Germany this is possible at most ADs (don't know about the US though). If you do that the watchmaker can also tell you more about the condition of the watch, if it needs to be serviced, when, if ever, it has been serviced, how good it runs right now, etc.

    Last: If buying a used watch, make sure that the numbers on the watch (bracelet has to be taken off) and the papers match. The watchmaker can check that, plus call a Rolex Service Center and ask if the watch has been reported stolen. And let the seller write a receipt with the exact name (ref. and serial #) of the watch so that you have a proof of ownership for the future.

    If buying a Rolex at an AD, I guess I'd do that outside the US (regarding the price Hong Kong and Singapore are the best places to do so), also because they offer 2 yrs of guarantee (Rolex watches sold in the US only have one year of manufacturers guarantee) plus I like the idea of always being remembered of a holiday when looking on my wrist. In terms of price also the Carribean, UAE and any other country thats currency is linked with the US$ is recommendable. If going to Europe with the weak Dollar right know you won't have much fun buying a watch.
  6. Are the shops in the duty free malls (the places the cruise ship takes you to shop, for example), not authorized dealers then? Even though the products are authentic? If the original owner has purchased one on a trip, why would Rolex fuss about honoring the warranty?

    Our intention is to purchase while on holiday, to get a bit of a break on taxes/duty, but I am a bit confused about this grey market.
  7. Well, normally it's an AD if it says R O L E X in big green letters. Places in the carribean where cruise ships go usually have an AD near the harbour or in the city center. Tell me where you're going and I'll probably be able to tell you if there's an AD and where (I've got the addresses of most ADs in the carribean on my PC). If I don't have the address, just send the Geneva headquaters of Rolex a fax and they'll tell you where you can find ADs.

    The grey market thing is a complete different story. Those guys usually have good relationships to ADs and buy large amounts of merchandise every year. This gives them the opportunity to negotiate large r****** and because of the fact that they usually don't have a store, no workshop and only small stocks they are able to resell the watches at a lower price than the AD. As I'm not from the US I can't tell you which ebay seller is trustworthy, I only know several grey market dealers from Germany and Switzerland, friends of mine bought their watches there (no problems so far). Myself, I prefer ADs, the lowest price isn't the most important thing for me.
  8. I understand now. We have not planned the trip yet, but looked 2 yrs ago when we were in Ocho Rios Jamaica. The store looked legit, as well as the merchandise. The discount was minimal. We picked up a couple of TAG instead. Thanks, I will make sure to check before we go.
  9. "Swiss Stores" is the ONLY AD in Jamaica (usually only one AD, severel stores though, in the Carribean).

    If you're not a well known customer more than a few percent discount for a steel Rolex is unuasual. If you're really after the lowest price you have to go for they grey market. But once again: IMHO it isn't all about leaving the store with enough money in your pocket for a bottle of champagne. You came to buy a watch.
  10. Yes, that is the store we were in. It was the only shopping complex that we were recommended to go to- security guards with machine guns at the front entrance. Jimmy Buffet's is around the corner. We didn't expect much of a discount but it was enough, and no duty/tax, to consider purchasing. We just didn't know if they really were AD, to risk a $10 000+ purchase. The TAGs had quite a bit of discount and it was a risk we decided we could take.
  11. Try they have an ebay id too its the same name. They have a great selection on Pre owned Rolex and other brands. Good Luck.
  12. I love that last line, and I totally agree!!!
  13. thanks for everyone's help. i am certainly looking for a good deal, but the grey market thing doesn't sound good to me. i know that i may change my mind about the face, and don't want to be unable to have it serviced by rolex.

    i think i have finalized the watch i want..but we'll see, i'm still looking around!

    thanks again!
  14. Maybe you misunderstood me, you can get ANY Rolex serviced by a Rolex Service Center, as long as it isn't stolen. Doesn't matter if you bought it at an AD, used or new from a grey market dealer, if you inherited it from anybody. If it's genuine it get's serviced.

    In Europe it's no problem to go to an AD with a watch that you didn't buy there and get the dial changed or anything else done.
    What I heard about ADs in the US it isn't any different over there (maybe exept on the 5th Ave).

    Many members on this board seem to be suspicous of getting ripped of any non-AD deal, maybe they heard some bad stories. But it's like anywhere else, if you want to do business you need to collect informations before you buy, especially on Ebay. But as I said, there are loads of watch forums on the internet where you can ask about the reputation of a dealer (Yes, there are black sheep). If you don't have the time for something like this, an AD might be the better address for you.