Reputable online sites for Gucci & Prada?

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  1. Other than the major retailers, what are some reputable online sites for buying Prada and Gucci bags? There are so many out there, it gets confusing

    Thanks :biggrin:
  2. Same as above, but you might want to add these on there; they have smaller selections, but are marked down more:

    They're's this realy popular one too but I've never ordered anything from them (except chairs-love the standard shipping!)
  3. Check out the Seller Watch forum; Vlad has a thread stickied there, listing reputable sites. :smile:
  4. On - just make sure the seller is or other reputable sellers like blufely and Nordstrom cause there are third party sellers selling bags there and some are fake.
  5. supposedly sells authentic bags as well, but I've not bought from them. They are pricey, just about 10% off retail, but usually free shipping and no tax.