Reputable LV sellers on Ebay?

  1. Hello all...I do not own an LV bag yet. Matter of fact, I only recently got my first Coach bag! I've thought of a plan that will allow me to afford LV bags, albeit slowly. I'm a blackjack dealer, so I work for tips. I make good money, but also have 4 children and a insanely high mortgage payment. I have no credit cards, and like it that way, so anything I buy will have to be in cash, or put on a prepaid credit card. So I figured I'd pick a bag I want, and then put aside $100 each month until I can afford it. However, I cannot justify to myself spending close to $1k for a bag...the guilt would drive me crazy. And that's meant in NO way to offend or disrespect the fine ladies and gents on here that CAN afford's just that with the way my life and finances are, I cannot. Sooo....with that in mind..does anyone have or want to start a list of people that sell REAL LV bags on Ebay to help out us hopeful bargain hunters?? regards to the LV catalogue..How would I go about ordering one? And I assume it would only have the current offerings? How does one find a resource of discontinued lines and current market value of those lines (to compare to current Ebay prices)? Thanks so much for your help! I love coming in here and's like window shopping in my PJ's!! :love:
  2. Oh, and if you find one you like on eBay, it looks like you can post here on the "authenticate this" forum to get expert opinions on whether it looks authentic or not.
  3. Thanks so much!! I bookmarked both those sites. Now I just gotta figure out which one I want to be my 'first' so I know how much I need to save...
  4. Were you thinking of a shoulder bag or a bag you carry on your arm?
    That'll help make it easier :yes: