Reputable Ebay shops / sellers?

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  1. Hi,
    I am looking to purchase my first LV (speedy 25 I believe), and would like to purchase it preloved. I have looked on fashion phile, tradsey, the real real, yoogis closet, etc... but it seems you can get more for your money on Ebay. I know that there is more of a risk associated with this in regards to authenticity so I was wondering if any of you all had recommendations for certain sellers on ebay that sell authentic LV's (or sellers to stay away from). One seller in particular I've been looking at is, "shopmaterialworld": They say they guarantee authenticity but some of the prices seem a little too good to be true to me. Thanks for your help!

    p.s. I am new to TPF, but am glad I found this site to help guide me in the right direction as I purchase my first LV :smile:
  2. I too am new to TPF; however, have purchased 2 items from eBay recent and have had very good luck. With both tig-japan and Rise-On. If you search there are quite a few different threads that have listed quite a few respected sellers on eBay and that is where I started.

    However, you also need to do your homework and learn how to spot obvious fakes and then reach out for help and always have it authenticated. Best of luck and welcome.

    I've had decent luck with tig-japan and Rise-On.
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  3. I will definitely look at those! thanks for the help
  4. Any luck on eBay trying to purchase genuine items ?
  5. Hi. Welcome to the forum. :smile:
    I've purchased a few pre-Loved from Yoogis closet; but as you are aware, they are a bit more high in price compared to a few Japanese sellers on eBay.
    I have had great experiences from brand-works. I have purchased about 4 LV bags from them over the years and although many times they list it in fair condition; I tend to differ and feel they are more in good/very good condition. Also the shipping is fast (mailed out on Mon and received in Thurs; I lived in the US). I was also not charged any duty fees from Customs with this seller. I have also had them authenticated here first and all have been labeled authentic by our lovely Authenticators.
    And as another member here posted; there is a thread here regarding Japanese sellers where a number of members commented on their experience.
    Good luck with your future purchase. :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.