reputable eBay sellers, LJ, Etc.

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  1. Here is a list of SOME of the reputable eBay sellers that some of us have bought from in the past.. :tup:

    1. 73Papasmurfs
    2. Cozy-little-shop

    Can we make this a sticky?
  2. [edited out] :lol: hahaha j/p I had to say that... are we allowed to post each other even if our names are similar to TPF?

    I'll say sweetest_2lips even tho I haven't bought from her yet since I keep missing auction endings :sweatdrop: she always answers my questions!
  3. I don't know if we are allowed to mention eBay sellers by name either, but if we are only saying good things, maybe it's ok.

    I'll 2nd that Cozy-Little-Shop is great. So far that's the only eBay seller I've bought Toki's from, so can't give an opinion on anyone else. Although Angeltrove is very helpful about sending extra pictures... I just haven't bought anything from her yet.
  4. tokitoki4sale on Lj :smile:
  5. I have bought from ANGELTROVE from ebay.
    She is very good communicator & send tht item in a very timely manner.
  6. I've bought toki from these ebay sellers:

    73papsmurfs (2 bags, superfast shipping, well packed)

    cozylittleshop (I paid way over retail, but the bag was great, well-packed, very fast shipping)

    emi298 (great BIN price, great communication, instant shipping, and she included a really cute free gift)

    elaineLV64 (excellent service, superfast shipping)
  7. I've only bought from 2 sellers but:

    cozy little shop - fast shipping, item exactly as pictured, excellent packaging of item, answered any questions I had

    shopaholicsdream - fast shipping, item exactly as described, answered all my questions
  8. I've just bought a fafi lesportsac bag from cozy-little-shop.
    I havent recieved it yet but they seemed very nice and friendly and the price was ok.
  9. - angeltrove
    - jennyocloset
    - mderogers
    - uniquethreads
    - lalaland6k
    - 73papasmurfs
  10. Shopaholicsdream charged me three dollars for insurance and then didn't purchase insurance for the item, and never refunded me the extra money... Kinda annoying considering the shipping was like $16 and it only cost them like 3 or 4 dollars...
  11. This is turning out to be a GREAT list.. i'm kinda sad that I can't go back to edit the OP, instead of having to scroll through everything to find a seller... Ya know?
  12. Yah this is def. a great list so far. It will def. come in handy for eBay purchases.

    snapcat - eek! I'm sorry you had that problem with that seller.
  13. ^^^ Yikes... I'll have to keep that in mind...
  14. These sellers sold me some really great Toki items, purses and T-shirts. The shipping was timely and the items were exactly as described:

    1. nessycita
    2. 73papasmurfs
    3. puccalover82
    4. mh3838
    5. chic_sag79

    One seller I would advise to be very careful with is:

    1. the_clothesline

    I posted this on another thread, but here is an update. She listed the uchiwa as "new" and it was used. I received the uchiwa with a stain on it and it was bent. She ignored my many emails so when I left her negative feedback, she left me a retaliatory negative feedback. Talk about adding insult to injury! I end up with a beat-up uchiwa AND I get a negative FB! I am going through the complaint process with paypal atm. She used a gift box for shipment and it was smashed upon arrival. When I saw the box, my heart sank because I knew uchiwas are delicate.

    Attached Files:

  15. Wow:wtf:, who ships anything--let alone a fragile item--with a department store gift box through the USPS? USPS mangles sturdy boxes. A flimsy box like that never stood a chance. I hope your dispute works out. That's ridiculous.:cursing: