Reputable Ebay Sellers - Are There Any?

  1. I read that many of you get some of your LV's from ebay. Do you mind sharing your sellers? I really want to make sure I get what I pay for.

  2. There are a lot of reputable sellers on ebay. Go to and you will find a list of them. Also anyone who are members of ALVA, LVLU, LV&M, ALVU, and FLALV are also people who would never sell a counterfeit item. A lot of it is the buyers responsibility though, you have to do your homework and be as confident as you can possibly be regarding the authenticity of the item up for auction. That is when the Authenticate This thread becomes useful. You have access to a lot of people here who are able to help you when it comes to authenticating auctions. Hope this helps.
  3. I am new to the whole ebay thing.
  4. let-trade
    the huang family

    are all fantastic sellers
  5. I was curious about the huang family, they have alot of discontinued pieces (in multiples) are they really the real deal?:wondering
  6. Timesless lv
    Fairy bella

  7. Yep they are the real deal.;)
  8. Other sellers that are good include:


    I'm pretty sure these are all legitimate, and have bought stuff from some of them!!!
  9. 2 sellers that I would like to add to the list:

    (not selling anything at the moment which is odd for them, so I assume vacation or something)
    Specializes in discontinued items and vintage pieces. Ships from France.

    (Ships from Singapore) Really enjoy this seller and is one of my top sellers. Some of the policies are jumping through hoops but I have gotten some rather good deals off him.
  10. Thanks so much for your help. It will be very helpful while searching on Ebay.

    Have a great day ladies.:yahoo:
  11. ukdesigneritems
  12. and:
  13. Hmm...I have my reservations about posting this but this is a purse board intended for educational purposes. If I was not to post this then any of the mods feel free to delete (with an explaination as to why of course) ;)

    UKdesigneritems: was banned from ALVA for selling fakes on Ebid, which is an auction site, like Ebay, except UK based. (I do not think she's ever been caught selling fakes on ebay so I guess a proceed with caution is warranted.) She's still in the MPRS list...don't know exactly why...I guess MP didn't think that she should be removed since she wasn't selling fakes on ebay, however ALVA has a zero tolerance for fakes regardless of where you sell/buy it.

    Eeast-Madison: When dealing with her ask specific condition questions and make sure before the item is sent out that all she agreed to will be included (ie. dustbag, tags, box, etc.)

    *trendymom*: was banned from ALVA for selling and bidding on counterfeit goods with alternative ebay IDs....(I believe she too still remains in the MPRS list although MP was notified).

    I do not know any of these sellers personally except from the boards. I have nothing personally against any of them and have only posted this info for educational purposes. Whether you choose to still buy from these sellers is your personal choice and you will definitely not receive any email from me telling you, you shouldn't have :supacool:
  14. ^^ Was going to also mention her as well but wasn't sure if I should have since she didn't sell fakes...but yes, I witnessed the whole episode about her scam attemp....sad :yucky: