reputable e-bay sellers of hermes bags?

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  1. hi Ladies,

    Just wanted to ask if there is a list of ebay sellers that have sold authentic hermes bags? i am trying to make a note of those sellers for a future purchase and would really appreciate it if you know of sellers that sell real and authentic hermes products.. thanks so much in advance.
  2. thank u so much......
  3. Bluxcape, whatever you do, do NOT buy from Haley's Couture/Hermes Galleria. I know for a fact that they sell/sold fake Hermes Birkins. A friend of mine recently purchased one and had it authenticated at one or two of the Hermes boutiques in Hong Kong. The SA's ushered her out, refusing to help her. My friend has since tried to contact Haley's Couture, to no avail. I will post more details later.
  4. Ugh! Keep us posted on the details. I always wondered what Hermes would do if you brought in a fake bag....have heard they cut it up?!
  5. It all depends. Sometimes they very politely hand it back to you and say "Sorry".
  6. My friend, who is the owner of a certain blog, asked me to post these.

    In time, she will reveal who she is. I will just say that she is a trustworthy handbag consignor. For now, she needs to keep a low profile until she hears from the proprietor of Haley's Couture.
  7. Hermes will refuse you service. That's the sign that you have brought in a fake bag. Put it this way, wouldn't you do the same if someone insults your brand by bringing in a fake of the brand you are selling?
  8. thanks all for the info.... will definitely keep this in mind.. it may take several months (or maybe a year even) for me to get a bag.. n since i live here in wa, where there is no hermes store nearby, knowing all this info is so much appreciated.. thanks again everyone..
  9. I'm consolidating this and making a sticky.
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