Reputable Authentication Websites?

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  1. I just purchased something pre-owned for the first time :biggrin: I bought it off Lolipuff, and although they guarantee the authenticity 100%, I still want to double and triple check. Could any you recommend an authentication website you trust? Thanks!!
  2. Bababebi for Hermes is a highly regarded authenticating service
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  3. Should have asked, what are you needing to authenticate?

    If it is a Chanel item, would recommend Etinceler
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  4. It's just a Hermes makeup pouch. I'll definitely check out Bababebi. Thanks so much for the recommendation :biggrin:
  5. If it is the karo, bolide or bebop, check it out...& you are welcome
  6. I got the Tohubohu. Hopefully it ships soon...