Reptile wallets, alligator vs crocodile

  1. Have wondered why Hermes uses alligator for wallets, matte and shiny. Alligator is so seldom seen in a bag, but so often used in wallets.
    Any facts or guesses would be interesting.
  2. gol - I don't know, but my Mangaer told me yesterday that Hermes is not using Porosus croc for anything other than bags from now on. Funny, because Porosus has the smaller 'grain' or 'scale', so you think would be a better choice for small accessories. He thinks it's to do with the Porosus Croc skin shortage, and price.

    How do I know this? Because I was discussing a Beige-Rose Kelly Special Order...........he, he, he....
  3. Thanks GF
    Hummmm. Maybe they do not want to waste the whole croc skin to cut out the heart of it for the wallet. Guessing the alligator skin is less valuable. They are up to their asses in alligators in South Florida.
    Have only see 2 HACs in alligator and they were lovely.
    Hope your Beige-Rose comes quickly, as quickly as a croc order can come that is.
  4. ^well, apparently I first must wait until the beige-rose is offered again, THEN he will place the order, THEN I have to wait for it to come in......but DH said for my 40th, so I have seven years up my sleeve! I'll laugh if Beige-rose is offered at the Feb Podium! but my Manager doubts it....
  5. ^ Guess this is the same boat I am in with my matte Barenia croc order, but I may be in the nursing home by the time it comes.
    I ordered a 35cm and have wondered if H could have filled order if it were for a 30 instead. No more Barenia croc for now. I did not list a second choice as recommended.
  6. gol - hold out for the matte barenia croc - the wait will be worth it. These bags are SO worth waiting for.....
  7. Beige Rose will be soooo gorgeous! Do you know if Rose Indienne will be available? i need some good news right now
  8. I'd :heart: a piece in alligator:yes:
  9. I've been looking for a nilo/poro wallet for a while now.. didnt know it was only offered in alligator?? is that the case??

    GF.. I'm sure that Kelly will be a gorgeous piece :smile: