(repost) why are the Patent Bettty's LESS expensive than the leather Betty's??

  1. So a large patent betty retails for 1,660 while the large leather non patent betty retails for 1,800.


    It is leather, right? The patent Betty's......??
  2. Hi mammab! I noticed that with the patent Muse as well. It must be the processing where it takes more effort to create a supple leather than a coated one....??? That's my guess!
  3. Plus, once patent leather scuffs, it's noticeable and unfixable. W/ leather, you can just condition it back to brand new :love:
  4. It was the same last fall with the Jimmy Choo Ramonas too: The patent version was about $200 less than the regular leather version.

    On the "scruffing" issue, most of the patent bags that I've seen in the last year or so have been "textured" so they don't get scruffed as much as the old-fashioned smooth patent bags.
  5. ^^^ that's good to know cosmopolitan
  6. ^^^Here's the textured/"crackled" patent on a Jimmy Choo and Chanel bag...


    My Choo.JPG Tammy518's Chanel bag.jpg