Reporting things on Ebay

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  1. Mods or anyone else, please redirect or merge this post if this topic has been posted before as a standalone.

    I had two main questions--

    1) What happened to the VeRO owners for brands like Chanel, LV, etc., does that program still exist, and can you still write to them to help report fakes, and

    2) How come Ebay never takes down certain reports no matter how many reports are made that it's fake??

    And, what does it take to get Ebay to remove? An email to execs each time with Chanel legal team on the CC I am sure will do the trick but I don't want to do that for each and every single listing seems silly.

    I know that BB mentioned somewhere that it's nearly impossible for Ebay to remove listings from JP buyers, but in general, what is the trick or formula to get these fake listings removed? I mean, in a reasonable way.

    I see auctions going for thousands, and I know we are reporting them.
  2. I truly believe that eBay really doesn't care, they like those FVF. I've reported counterfeit Chanel for years which were always taken down until the past year or two.

    I reported this (Cartier blank Certificate) as well as a second listing for a Cartier blank certificate and they won't take them down. (Don't they promote illegal activity?)

    With eBay, I think they're turning their heads due to $$$$.
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  3. Wow, yes I agree I think they were much better about it before than now.

    I think it's probably baked in some IP right owners' agreement somewhere (whether it be contractual or as some type of dispute outcome) between the brands and Ebay that Ebay would do their best to remove what they are made aware of. So consumers making them aware should be enough of a trigger and enough to prevent them from citing plausible deniability. It's a huge and growing concern; sellers and buyers alike want a good trading environment, and Ebay needs to do its job. When they raise fees for sellers, buyers have to bear the burden too, because sellers price their items taking the FVF into account. So, if Ebay isn't doing its job to protect buyers from REPORTED fakes... well I am preaching to the choir here...
  4. I do not agree with Nikki .Last month I ordered for few online clothes for myself and the delivery time they offered me was 3 days. And with in that time I received my delivery. Sometime you may face delivery problem for which ebay customer service before hand intimates you. This happens to me on several occasions.
  5. ???? Nikki's post is about fakes and fraudulent listings!

    And what she says in her post is accurate - and sad! Ebay isn't removing those listings!
  6. What am I missing here?
  7. Like others said, eBay only cares about the FVFs! The only way to defeat them is to cause financial loss and the only way to cause that is that if big companies sue them like some did previously. I think the best way to report fakes is to report it to the brand owners. They are the only parties who can threaten to sue and eBay will listen. Just my $0.02.

  8. *JP sellers, not buyers, in p2 after the numbered bullets

    Anyone know what happened to like Chanel VeRO and LV VeRO contacts? Are they still around

    Someone in trust and safety needs a wake up call refresher


    I wrote to them once a few years ago regarding a counterfeit Chanel that eBay wouldn't take down (the bidding had reached the thousands) and received no response back. The listing wasn't removed either, so some pour soul out there is walking around with a fake Chanel that they paid thousands for.
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  10. Just so you know, any company or individual can report as VeRO and they don't need to post publicly on ebay's VeRO page. In fact, there are individual sellers who sell elsewhere other than ebay who are VeRO and report infringement violations such as picture and/or description theft.

    The following is a list of those who choose to post their status on ebay:

  11. This is a helpful reference link thanks
    I think in those cases re sellers they can only report on infringement or theft of their own IP
    So for example if I was a seller and someone stole my photos and/or description. But I wouldn't be able to report a fake Chanel or even something stolen off of Chanel's site with that VeRO status

    But as for fake reporting only the VERO owner for Chanel would have that ability (well aside from the general public reporting feature) right?

  12. That's so disheartening to hear. So much for that angle then...
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    And another thought though
    As fruitless as it seems, I think we need to keep reporting these fakes on ebay
    Because it can still serve as a jab whether they act on it or not
    Somewhere down the line a judge can subpoena these reports when ebay is defending itself for "not having known" and consumers being defrauded of thousands of dollars because of these listings (buyer protection or not), and then these subpoenas will show thousands of reports being made and yet listings not being taken down. The records can still be set if we keep reporting. We need to keep doing it even though they're not acting

    Yes, the buyer has a responsibility to themselves to do proper research and authenticate etc. ebay has a responsibility to promote safe trading environment and that is not the same thing as offering refunds when SNAD/counterfeit (because this as a standalone assumes buyer has the onus of knowing if they got a fake even if ebay didn't catch it). Are they meeting the minimum threshold right now for that other than the latter mentioned processes (which are only legal btw, they aren't doing it out of the goodness of their hearts), I don't know what one would argue is minimum threshold but certainly seems like it should be above ignoring multiple submitted reports of counterfeit from the general public
  14. Writing and thinking about this is making me even more mad

    How many cases have we seen where someone bought a fake on Ebay and didn't even know they bought a fake. Is it possible someone reported those listings and they weren't taken down. I mean we assume the buyer who bought it will discover it's fake and return it but how much more frequently does this go unnoticed instead. Since when did ebay use their Buyer Protection Policy as a shield or cop out for doing their job to really protect buyers. That's not buyer protection if the buyer can't even act on the policy because they don't know about the fake to begin with that someone else may have already known about and reported and it could have already been taken down and the sale prevented. Now said buyer will end up carrying said fake they bought for thousands for a long period of time indefinitely or until they decide few years later to recycle it list it on ebay and then end up with a fraud mark because their buyer discovered it was fake.

    I see it all the time

    It's not Buyer Protection if buyer becomes victimized and doesn't even know it.

    Ebay needs to do better this makes me so mad
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  15. Regarding fakes, anyone can report using the "report this listing" button within each listing. And sometimes ebay will act on reports, especially in cases where there appears to be credibility, i.e., multiple reports for the same listing with similar reasons as to why it's fake.

    But for image theft and/or plagiarism, only the owner can report. So if you see a listing that you recognize as being stolen from another seller or site, there's nothing stopping you for letting the owner know. As someone whose work has been stolen, I've been very grateful for emails I've received letting me know about it so I can report.

    And another interesting fact is that a VeRO takedown carries a bigger negative impact on a seller's account than an ebay takedown. So it's always nice when a rights owner is successful in getting a listing removed.
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