Reporting shill biding.

  1. How do I do it? I tried, but there is no choice for it in Ebays drop down menu. Does anyone know?
  2. If you look up shill bidding under the help section, it will bring up all the info on what it is. Then on the bottom there should be a hyperlink to report shill bidding. You do need the auction number(s) though before you click on it though. I'm pretty sure you can't do it right from the listing in question, but I could be wrong.
  3. Hi there. Just out of curiousity, how do you know it is shill bidding?
    This guy I work with who sells sterling silver antiques on eBay just got kicked off of eBay for shill bidding last week, and he maintains his innocence to me (I don't know him well enough to know or even care otherwise), but this was the first time I have heard of such a thing.
    Now I see this thread which is ironic, and I don't quite understand it.
    How do you know if someone is doing this, and as a buyer (or seller) should I worry about this? I do not have tons of experience on eBay, but I have bought and sold some things.
  4. A lot of times you will see the same bidder bidding on all or a number of a seller's auctions. I reported two sellers who consistently bid on each other's items all the time. They are also both located in the same town, so they are probably friends. However, Ebay did nothing about it when I reported it. This was going on for months though and they were blatantly obvious about it. I did notice that one of the sellers had only BIN items listed at one point. I think when you get busted for shill bidding Ebay won't let you have any auction-style listings for awhile. That is, if they don't suspend you.
  5. Guess I was wrong. They are still at it!
  6. Check out Ebay IDs ginawood727 and yosop. Looks like they are still at it. I just reported them again, but Ebay will probably do nothing as usual! Yosop also has a lot of new zero feedbackers bidding on her/his auctions. They are probably shill accounts too. I just don't know how much more blatantly obvious they have to be for Ebay to take action on their accounts! They have been doing this for months! UGH!:cursing:
  7. i just reported this auction for shill bidding:

    check it out and see if the zero feedback bidders who swoop in 20 minutes after each legitimate bid look suspicious to you?

    to report, you can do it directly from the auction page.

    Click "report this item" and then select "fraudulent listings" and "shill bidding". Click e-mail us on the next page and send them the e-mail.
  8. Cool, I didn't realize you can do it right from the auction page. That cuts down on some time. I can't believe people do this crap! If I saw all those 0 feedback bidders on an auction, I wouldn't even bid(even if I did really want the item). The one I have reported repeatedly really irritates me. Ebay does nothing. All I get back is that they didn't find any evidence of shill bidding, yet they bid on practically all of each other's auctions. The Ebay ID yosop seems to now have a LOT of 0 feedback bidders on their auctions along with the friend bidding. It makes me sick!
  9. Thanks everyone! Found it.