reporting on my day at H.....

  1. i first have to say that i have NEVER appreciated finally 'connecting' with an SA as much as i do at H. just having someone really understand what you love, what works for you, and really want you to have a great experience makes ALL the difference!

    but i digress...

    i spent about an hour with my loooovely SA, and came home with a couple of new H boxes. (i'm no good at the striptease, so i'll just bust out the goods...LOL!)

    first up, i had called her about the 'les triples' pochette, and she was sweet enough to order in 3 different colorways for me to choose from. i went in 99% sure i was going to get the yellow, but she talked me into the turquoise...and i'm SO glad she did. i was a little depressed for a moment when she said "nope, this one won't work at all"...but she was right. i came home, tried it on some more, and i'm in :heart: !

    oh, and the other box - some very yummy 'eau de l'orange vert'. i was going to just buy a bottle, but the SA said she had a couple of holiday sets left, which were the same price and included a couple of little extras along with the perfume. so, now i have a little bottle for my purse as well!

    let's see...what else. i tried out the most gorgeous rose shocking chevre agenda - the color was TDF!! she's holding it for me in case my DH feels generous over the next few days...LOL. guess we'll see how charming i can be this week. :graucho:

    i saw a cute little 31 bolide in etoupe (a color i never loved in pics, but adore now that i've seen it IRL), and a huuuuuge (must have been a 40 or even 45) birkin in what looked like orange toile, if there is such a thing, in the window. lots of trims, vespas, evelynes...and a turquoise (not sure of the exact color) constance in the window as well.

    oh yes, and i got a scarf book, so now i can finally figure out how to tie my 'big girl' scarf :smile:

    anyway, enjoy the pics! today was MUCH more fun than staying at work...LOL!
    pochette 037.jpg pochette 021.jpg pochette 024.jpg pochette 034.jpg pochette 035.jpg
  2. i'll share some modeling pics of the pochette as well...though i don't have any pics with my vespa, as she's off having a spa treatment.

    i even managed to tie the pochette using the tricky scrunched knot that rose has posted directions for in the past....SO cute! :yes:
    pochette 026.jpg pochette 029.jpg pochette 033.jpg
  3. I love love love your turquoise pochette..are you going to wear it or tie it on a bag?
  4. Congratulations! I love the les triples pochettte, it's one of my favorites.
  5. wow everything is gorgeous! i love the 'les triples' pochette the colour is amazing!
  6. ^^^Beautiful ITEMS!! Congratulations! I love the turquoise!:yahoo:
  7. Cute!!!
  8. glad to hear you had a nice time~~~
    cute indeed!
  9. It's always so fun shopping at Hermes!!love your new scarf:yahoo:
  10. i think i'm going to do a little of both! i'm going to try it out on my bag, but i'm not sure if i'm a 'scarf on a bag' kind of girl, so i have to give it a try before i decide. :rolleyes:
  11. Oh, it's so cute and I love the modeling pics, congrats!!!
  12. Oh, the pochette looks totally adorable!! I love it and I love the luscious color!!
  13. oh i love les triples! just the cutest and the color looks great on you! i am sooo jealous you can get it in your hair. it would never stay in mine!
  14. Great les triples in turquoise.
  15. That is such a happy scarf! I love it! Enjoy it!