Reporting live from the Red Carpet....your LV party!

  1. OK not really live from the red carpet but lots of threads on LV parties over the next week or what you wearing?????

    Or more importantly which bag are you taking!!!!!
  2. I attended one two weeks ago, I brought sunset boulevard. There werent' many others with LV bags and most were just mono pochettes, so the purses were maybe the most important thing about the party. =-/
  3. err...i'll be carrying my grey Chanel Timeless clutch...please dont hate me :push:
  4. For the party here in Mi I will just wear jeans and a red or green polo for the holiday ;) or a red button up :smile: I will wear my LV jacket in, my monte carlo cognac shoes, my ring, my necklace and I would LOVE to carry my innsbruck cabas, but I don't know if I will want to be hands free or not, also I cannot carry it if it even has chance of rain or snow since its all suede!
  5. there's one on the 6th in Melbourne. i'll probably wear a smart blazer with one of my silk LV pocket squares. i've never taken a bag with me to any LV event. they're too big and impractical for cocktails. any smaller and i might as well wear a dress :p
  6. I'm gonna call my SA Pam and see if we're having one. If so I already know what I'll wear.

    My brand new levis 510 super skinny jeans (they're so awesome)
    One of a kind screen printed american apperal t-shirt
    Monte Carlo Loafers
    I think I'll carry my new MOCA neverfull GM!
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. I ment to write BORING, not important. LOL

    I think what you wear should also depend on the occasion. If it's a sales event or trunk show you'd have more of a reason to dress casual than if there's an anniversary. IMO.

    Deluxe, next time you decide to bring one of your purses to the party, make sure to post pics!!! :upsidedown:
  9. Would a black wool Diane VonFurstenburg dress be too dressy? I've never been to any of them before & they continue to invite me...I think next week will be one I'm finally attending!
  10. excited!
  11. I'll be carrying my Suhali Le Confident. Our party will be on Dec. 12th.

  12. That's what I'm thinking of wearing too so I'd go with no LOL
  13. have fun~
  14. I might wear my Juicy Couture Pants with a white shirt. And my boots to match. Eh, Maybe not. I would like to bring my Black/Blue Noe, since I know there will probably be none there. hmmm....I am going to have to color coordinate! LOL! Should I wear Jeans?
  15. The store events here usually happen mid week, so I'd in my work wear... I hope the festive one coming up would be on a weekend so I can play dress up a little : p. And of course the Limelight would be my poison of choice for that occasion.