Reporting in from Madrid

  1. Ladies, I'm in Madrid for a long weekend and this report is delivered from my bed at 10:30 am local time, after having gone to bed at 6:30 am (yes, life starts at midnight here!) So apologies for any typos etc, but this is a duty I take seriously no matter how much my feet hurt from an all-nighter!

    Went to the H store yesterday and tried on a gazillion things. The inventory here is incredible, like ten times what we have in London, if not more.

    Among the things I've tried were a large clemence picotin white, medium nero, small white (with blue jean handles), and small etoupe. I adored the medium size and it looked stunning in white for summer and etoupe for all seasons. I only have one H bag at the moment and a picotin will be my third order after my second purchase, which will be another Birkin...or so I thought!...

    I tried on an incredible white swift 35cm Kelly and the bag was totally me. I always saw Kelly as a formalish bag, something I might go for after I turn 40 (which is fairly soon!). But in this leather and size, it is exactly my style, something I can wear day in day out. As gorgeous as white was, I know I wouldn't be able to maintain it, especially the autumn/winter season. The large size made it look perfect for casual use as well and now I am considering ordering it in blue jean or etoupe. Any feedback on the swift leather would be greatly appreciated. This bag was around EUR4200 for price comparison purposes. I will be in Paris from Tuesday and will certainly be reporting in the selection/prices from there too.

    I also tried on a gorgeous 28cm orange Kelly, a 32cm hard leather in gold and a gold 30 and 35cm Birkin (not sure if the Birkins were gold, they were a light brown colour, I'm still catching up). The SA was super impressed I knew the names of the styles though! They also had a fairly large selection of all the other bags, I coud not believe it!

    Anyways, I'll add on anything else I remember a bit later on - need another hour's sleep! Btw, LV is all the rage here, I haven't had any wildlife H sightings, which really pleases me.

    Adios and besitos
  2. Yeah Ebruo - have a great time in Spain and muchos gratias for the report. I remember the good ol' days when the nightlife started after midnight and I got to bed a 0630..... now my dear children wake me about then :rolleyes:

    Can't wait to hear about gay Paris......
  3. Thanks for the update. Looking to forward to more.
  4. Do you all understand now why Victoria Beckham has so many Hermès bags?!?!?Love the Madrid store, and the Sa´s and the manager, I rather drive five hours to shop there, than walk 10minutes and go to the store here in Lisbon, such an *******s.

  5. Enjoy your long weekend, ebruo and thanks for the report!
  6. Enjoy your trip and thanks for the info!!
  7. ebrou, i also went to madrid june this year, yes indeed they have more stocks than paris store and the SA was very friendly

    thx for the info!
  8. How much fun Ebruo! Looking forward to your visit to Paris.
  9. sounds like you are having a super time!!! enjoy and thank u for the update!!
  10. Thanks for sharing your Madrid H-experience, sounds like you had a terrific time. Looking forward to your Paris report!
  11. Thank you so much for the report, ebruo. It's interesting to know about the inventory in various cities as well as the attitudes of the SA's!
  12. muchas gracias for the update! i love spain. i hope you have a fantastic time with lifetime memories. i'm so happy you are thinking about a kelly! yay!
  13. Thanks for the info! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and trip to Paris!
  14. the madrid shop sounds fantastic, thanks for the update!
  15. I love reading about updates, thanks for sharing info! Look forward to Paris report!!!