Reporting from Madison Ave

  1. I'm on my sidekick reporting from Madison Ave. (I hope they don't notice I'm being a rat!) :wlae:

    There is a 35cm Black looks very black Togo Birkin with gold hardware, she brought out from the back

    I'm walking by a Gold Ostrich Kelly looks like a 25

    There is a white Kelly in the case, appears to be Vache Liegee!! it's a 32

    The orange Kelly is still here, so is the Gold and the Green

    There is a Orange Ostrich Plume, don't know the size.

    1 Big Blue Jean Birkin its like a travel size

    Eww, looki here, hold on girls! There is a Plume in a lipstick red and it's vache Liegee! DAMN! I should have waited,.. hold on I can return mines and get this one!!!! Okay, I'll be right back!

    BUT NO CROC BIRKIN'S!!!! :censor:

  2. :lol: :lol:
    Baggaholic, this is so cool!!! We now have a live broadcast straight from Hermes:yahoo: Thank you for the message. Damn I need to get that Sidekick!!
  3. This is funny!
  4. Okay,.. I'm not taking it so one of you crazy bag holics come here and get it there is only one and it's 42 hundred. It's too red for me. Besides I already ordered the Vermillion Chevre Jhansi Kelly LZ had on their website. Okay I'm gonna go buy a scarf so she doesn't think I'm wasting her time. I'll be right back. After here I'm gonna go bother the girls at Roberto Cavalli!
  5. LOL congrats on your scarf :biggrin: I love updates on Hermes!!
  6. Baggaholic, I see you are a new vache liagee fan!

    Thanks for the cool live update, makes me feel like I am right there with you...
  7. Good for you buying that Vermillion Chevre Jhansi from the Boyz at LZ! That's a beauty, Bagg. Congrats! Now go get 'em at Cavalli!
  8. SOO Cool - what green kellY???? What size??? Thanks!
  9. i wish we could hire you via PF to do a live report at the top of every hour like they do the traffic---I care a lot more about the bags on the floor than I do about the wait at the tunnel!
  10. It was like a lime green ostrich kelly. it was small.
  11. Bagg, that's the vert anis ostrich Kelly Ado, sitting in the top cubicle, next to the register,right?
  12. Hey, I think I know what we can do, being that La Van has her Tues blog maybe I can do live reports from Hermes shops evrey time I go to the shops! I'm going back tomorrow, Marissa has informed me that they get shipments every day :love: I can do this on break all the time because I'm always in the city pricing jobs! :smile:
  13. Ok, the two of you (hermesgroupie and Bagg) are going to be the death of me yet! I just don't think I can survive live reports from the Madison Ave store!!!!!! Yikes!!!!!
  14. Damn girl! What are you spying on me!!!! :graucho: I don't think it was next to the register. I'm not going back in there to check. They might think I'm nuts :nuts:
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Naw, that bag's been there for 3 weeks now. Just wanted Frenchie to know it was a Kelly Ado. You're giving me ideas!!! I can give a live report when I go in. The two of us together can push Shopmom over the edge.........or at least into bankruptcy. Heehee.