Reporting from Barney's Beverly Hills

  1. Hey guys I was at Barney's in beverly hills awhile ago and wanted to report on their stock...

    I saw:

    Oval clutches - in black, greige and camel (omg!! I love this style - i bought a black one - $695):yahoo:

    Classique - rouge VIF, choclate, truffle, grenat, sapin

    City - camel, grenat, sapin, chocolate, truffle

    work - grenat, sapin, truffle, chocolate

    mid afternoon - grenat, chocolate, camel.... (i like this style as well)

    bowling bags - none

    whistle bags - they have a lot...

    a lot of wallets in different sizes and colors....

    1-coin purse in grenat

    day bags - i saw a greige, camel, sapin, grenat

    padded bags - this is cute - brown and black

    I can't recall the others but they have a lot in stock right now...and OH, I bumped in to a nice lady w/ a caramel 03 city w/ silver hardware..a PFer????

    I was toting my rouge VIF city w/ hermes bolduc twilly tied on it!:wlae: ;)
  2. Thanks for the update, Amour...I may have to head up there! :smile:
  3. ^^ np!:smile: I just wanna dive in the table w/c holds the balenciaga bags...they're all lovely!!!:heart: :wlae:
  4. MMMhhhhhhhhhhh --- good news 'N' :graucho: :nuts: !! Thank you for the update :flowers:
    Did you got my PM ;) ?
  5. Thanks for the report! :smile:

    I guess they do not have the BI in yet, then! I will hold off on my visit. You are a dear to let everyone know!
  6. i wish they had the rouge vif classique when i was there 2 weeks ago... oh well! thanks for the update AMOUR =)
  7. LOL- I have to laugh at the title of this thread- reporting from Barney's Beverly Hills... it's like you're a new caster reporting live!
  8. can someone describe the new chocolate? is like last year's??
  9. wow grenat in midafternoon! I love that color and style!
  10. I bought my black first from them 2 weeks ago.And they don't have the twiggy i want:sad:
  11. Yippee! I called them and they are holding a wallet and 2 bags for me till Saturday morning...not a planned purchase, just a "I need to buy something pretty" purchase.....
  12. :confused1: What color is sapin?:confused1:
  13. zac...LOL....:roflmfao: :heart:

    sapin is the dark green color....

    the new chocolate is like superrrrr dark brown not like the old chocolate color
  14. when are they gonna have them on sale? at least a little helps you know :biggrin:
    retail is kinda crazy
  15. Anyone know if the Blue India is in yet? (Sorry to ask yet again) :biggrin: