Reporting Fakes

  1. I've been wondering with all the fake (obviously fake) Tokidokis on eBay, does anyone ever report them to eBay??

    It makes me mad seeing all the fake tokidokis listed for suah outrageously high prices, and it really gets to me when I see people bidding on them?? I wish I could email them and tell them ":hysteric:DONT DO IT!!!!!!"
  2. Yes it does make me angry. But I think its an individual decision on whether to buy the real thing or not. I don't think anyone is stupid enough to trust on eBay alone and take a plunge for a bag that they aren't sure if its real or not. It depends, it is a choice made by people and yes some do get tricked into buying a fake bag. But thats what democracy in america is all about, freedom in choosing things and no harsh restrictions.
  3. i used to report them if the listing would claim that it was authentic, but it obviously not... but i think it's okay if they label it "tokidoki inspired"?
  4. actually, eBay rules says that you can't even sell "inspired" I reported them all...but nothing ever seemed to happen so I got tired and I only do it once in a while now =/
  5. This was discussed several months ago on the forum. The best way to get fakes removed is to notify LeSportsac via email with the links to the violating auctions. LeSportsac can get the items removed much faster than any of us could. That being said, the fakes are like mushrooms after a rain storm, they're never-ending. It becomes a question of how much of your personal time do you want to spend reporting fakes.
  6. I always report them when I see them but they just keep popping up.
  7. You can report all you want, even Simone Legno does it, yet ebay continues to let these sellers of counterfeits thrive. Ebay gets money anyway why would it stop them? Tokidoki isn't the only brand having this problem.

    The only way to pull counterfeit auctions is for Tokidoki to be a VERO member. Then can ebay have the right to stop them.
    Simone said he's looking into becoming a member.
  8. It makes me really pissed off that they post them for such a large price